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A major objective of smart cities is to achieve treble sustainability in social, economic, and environmental problems.

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About Smart City And Technology

Smart city is a title that is given to a city that amalgamate information and communication technologies (ICT) to enrich the quality and performance of urban services such as energy, transportation, and utilities to slash resource consumption, wastage and total costs.

A major objective of smart cities is to achieve treble sustainability in social, economic, and environmental problems. The Internet, Modern information and communication technologies (ICTs), and the constant expansion of data supply widen the possibilities for enhancing urban citizens' working and living circumstances. In principle, economic geographers’ emphasis on place-certain dynamics and systemic connections between technology trends, economic challenges, social requirements, and planning needs.

Localized processes are being rooted in broader, often comprehensive, economic, political, and societal settings. Appropriately, sustainable technologies, along with socioeconomic and cultural settings at the regional level and other dimensional scales are needed if a smart city is to attain its complete potential.

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Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Building a two-way communication channel is very significant for a city to be smart. And here comes the requirement of Information and communication technology. ICT construct a bridge between the citizens and the government where the citizens can communicate with the government and in return, the government can construct a city which is the preference of its citizens. ICT assist the government to examine the requirement pattern of the state and thereforemake a puddle of resources that will address the same online. The electronic source of communication in a community assists in making a combined intelligence which can be arranged for resource optimization with the facilitate analytics and deep learning.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of things is similar to veins of the city extend all across and linking each dot. Each device that is element of a smart city requires to be linked to each other thus they can talk between and can take decisions for themselves which in return permits organizing resources of a megacity population. That is the time when the IoT comes in, offering the idealpattern of a body of communicating devices that offers smart solutions to dailytroubles. All smart solutions in smart cities are depending on Internet of things where they are linked and smart sufficient to decide their action.

Sensors for smart city


Sensors are hidden but ever-present components of the urban landscape. Sensors are a vitalpart of any intelligent control system. A procedure is enhanceddepending on its surroundings and for a control system to be conscious of its environment, it is normallybuilt-in with a range of sensors, from which it gathers the necessary data. It then utilizes the suitable variables to differentiate its environment and regulate its operations therefore. The accessibility of a huge number of diverse sensors and incessantlydeveloping technology allows applications that were infeasible in the past due to huge cost and restricted availability. Sensors are like converters which convert parameters of a physical nature to an electronic signal thatcan be understood by humans or can be nourished into an autonomous system. These signals for conservative sensors, amid others, comprisetemperature, light, pressure, moisture,humidity, and a multiplicity of other parameters.

eospatial Technology for smart city

Geospatial Technology

Anything is constructed in a smart city has to be right and so to make right a right plan is the requirement which is sustainable and this necessitate accurate, brief and detailed data and here comes the role of Geospatial technologies that offer the fundamental foundation and eventually the fabric upon which solution can be constructed. It offers location which permits pinpointing precisely on the requirementthus that better solution can be useful to it. Geospatial technology offers aessential framework for gathering data and changing observation in these collections to help software-based solution around smart infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence for smart city

Artificial Intelligence

Smart city is a digital revolution making anenormous amount of data. Those data are useless until and unless they are handled, which produce information in return. This data generation inimmense amount brings the role of Artificial intelligence that can create sense out of those data.

AI let machine to machine interaction by dealing out the data and building senses out of that. To recognize the appealingfeature of Artificial intelligence in the context of smart cities, let’s discuss an example. In a system where energy spikes be likely to occur, AI can learn where they typicallytake place and under which situation and this information can be utilized for enhanced management of the power grid. Similarly, in intelligent traffic management and healthcare facilities, Artificial Intelligence also plays a role.

Blockchain Platform for Smart City


Blockchain application is a latest technology to smart city concept. Blockchain technology safe data flow. Its incorporation into smart cities could improve connect all city services while enhancing security and transparency. In some ways, blockchain is probable to persuade cities through smart contracts, which assist with billing, handing out transactions and management facilities management. Self-executing contracts is smart city with the terms of the conformity between buyer and seller straight written into lines of code. They authorize trusted transactions and agreements to be approved among different parties without the requirement for a mediating third party, building the process cheaper, safer, and faster. Blockchain can also be utilized in smart grids to make possible energy sharing, anidea which is trending these days.

Smart communication, smart energy management, smart citizen services, smart healthcare, smart governance – all these identify a smart city.

Smart communication, smart energy management, smart citizen services, smart healthcare, smart governance – all these identify a smart city.

Now all these technology is being used to make a city smarter. It’s a big task and in India it is spearheaded by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.To help the government of India these technologies must be delivered by some company and here comes the need if ABC company that will offer the technology solutions and will help the country to make smart cities.