Smart City Water Management Using Iot

The Internet of Things is connected with roughly every comfort in our life ranging from traffic management system to transportation, smart cities to smart homes, and a variety of other fields. Water Management System is one of such field which is extremely impacted by the Internet of Things. It is absolutely demanding to make sure the appropriate utilization of water, but proper execution of smart city Water Management Systems using IoT will certainly make our lives expedient and preserve our valuable resources.

As per the United Nations Development Programme, water scarcity is root of mostly because of the poor management of the resource. It is said that almost half of the world population will face water scarcity by 2025 which clearly specify that water will be a precious resource in near future.


Let’s dive deep to find out how Smart City Water Management Using Iot can benefit the water industry

Water Conservation

It is vital for reservoirs and overhead water tanks to have sensors and tools which are particularly designed to exhibit the level of water present in it. With the assistance of these sensors, the water level in the tank or the overhead reservoir can be sent to server at usual intervals to analyze the amount of water used on regular basis. This complete procedure of determining the water level in the reservoir and then showing it on to the main server will certainly assist in conserving water.

Smart Irrigation

Currently, we see an enormous amount of water getting wasted during the irrigation process. This is because the procedure of irrigation is programmed automatically at a exacting time irrespective of the weather condition and moisture there in the soil. This trouble of water wastage can be handled with the utilization of IoT. IoT sensors can decide the weather condition and the soil moisture which will assist in getting the right amount of water at suitable time to the preferred place.

Smart Water Management

Water conservation is one of the necessary aspects in water management, particularly in urban areas, where maintaining a record of water consumption is very demanding. This issue can be resolved utilizing IoT which will maintain a record of people consuming water on a exacting day. We can examine the data and the weather condition of that day to decide the amount of water used by the people on a particular city. This will certainly help the water authorities administer the flow of water in much more effectual manner.

Waste Water Management

The major challenge in water management is to observe water levels, water quality, leakages, and the flow of water via various channels. IoT becomes our savior in all these areas. Sensors installed at a variety of places in the water system can sense the chemical leakage, temperature changes, water leakage, and pressure level in it. These sensors will then gather the details and send it to the main server. This will make sure that the service engineers resolve the problems rapidly. Another benefit of IoT in water (waste water management) is that it can sense and analyze the amount of chemical residue is there in the water.

Water Quality Testing and Analysis

The internet of things can be utilized for calculating and observing the data capture and picturing real-time study of water testing in industries such as manufacturing, energy etc. IoT can also be utilized for public utility companies in the field. The readings are offered to the end users with the aid of water testing meters and sensor devices. The end user collects the information such as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Bacteria, Electrical conductivity, Chlorine etc. This will assist in accessing the real-time, precise quantification of results and will also offer the capability to pinpoint the difficult areas.

This is just the start of Internet of Things and we determinedly believe that the benefits of IoT will keep increasing in every domain. Through IoT sensors, not only can we preserve precious resources but also accomplish demands of the people sufficiently and make our lives convenient. The majority of the companies have by now adopted IoT based services after observing the issues connected to water management.

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