Odoo Referrals App

Referral app assists you to share the existing job positions in your corporation with your friends. The job board comprises every information regarding the existing openings and you can share it using email or other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and so forth. This type of sharing will even reach an extensive extent of applicants and they know more about the company more.

Recruitments With A Fun Referral Program Using Odoo Referrals App

You can refer, recruit and be the owner of the reward

Odoo Referrals App

Share Open Job Positions Using Odoo Referrals App

Find out the whole thing you require to understand regarding every opened position by utilizing the job board.

Discover the ideal one for your friends and pass them out with them through email or through your social networks.

All Your Referrals In One Place With Odoo Referrals App

See how numerous points you've earned for every referral and smoothly track your friends' development in the recruitment process.

Interview - Contract proposal - Hired!

Odoo Referrals App

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility WIth Odoo Referrals App

Everybody requires assistance, particularly when combat villains. Construct your superhero team by selecting an avatar for every of your recruited friends. Exhibit the world your team's powerful power!

Odoo Referrals App

Get Rewarded Using Odoo Referrals App

Odoo Referrals App
Collect points

every time your friends make progress in the recruitment channel.

Odoo Referrals App
Level up

and perceive your avatar undertaking new items.

Odoo Referrals App
Exchange points

for wonderful gifts in the shop!

Features Of Odoo Referrals App

Odoo Referrals App

You can easily check which of your referral is in ongoing status, successful and how many are in waiting status.

Odoo Referrals App
Gain Points

For every successful referral the employee gets points and the best part is you can exchange those points for gifts.

Odoo Referrals App
Track the stage of referrals

You can check at what stage of the process your referrals are, so you get to know by what time they will be hired.

Odoo Referrals App
Easy filter

You can directly click on the filter and check which referral is in progress, hired, or not hired by clicking on the particular tab.

Odoo Referrals App
Directly view the jobs

Through your dashboard you can directly view the jobs and just in a click can refer a friend.

Odoo Referrals App

You can directly click on the reward tab and check what is available in exchange for your points.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

Kalibroida is a reputed company that helps businesses in the implementation of Odoo applications. With a professional and skillful team, we have successfully executed Odoo apps in many businesses. Our main motto is to tell the companies about the benefits that they are going to get with the implementation of the app and then we proceed further with the process. If you need any help regarding Odoo apps, please let us help you with it.


Yes, in the app itself there is a section called “Rewards” you can redeem your points and buy a gift for yourself.

No, you can directly check the jobs from tyeh app and from there you can directly refer a friend in one click.