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Odoo Point of Sale module provides various characteristics and user-friendly systems for restaurants that assist you in Fast installation, personalization and flexibility to fulfil the requirements of the organization. It is considered as one of the dominant Enterprise Resource planning software accessible with various Apps, and one of the Apps comprises the Point of sales App which arrives with an easy to use and receptive interface. Odoo Point of sales operates with Tablets, Desktop and iPad, smoothly. Odoo POS system is one of the positions at your virtual restaurant or store where your clientele can make expenses for the products and services that have been provided by your company.

Odoo Pos App Helps You to Keep Stay Connected With Your Customers

  • Reward your trustworthy customers with discounts, gifts and points with Odoo loyalty programs. The complete procedure is rapid and can be completely automated. Determining your clientele is even quicker with loyalty cards and barcode ids of the customers.
  • To maintain a track of your customers' buying habits, register your customers. You can afterwards send them particular proposals and sale notices with Odoo Mailing. For your business clientele register tax identifications and offer them invoices immediately (or send by email).

Features of Point of Sale Module

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Completely Integrated:

Odoo Point of sales is an entirely incorporated App with your Inventory, Accounting, and other departments of your company. Each transaction from POS is efficient to keep your inventory and stocks, consequently you aren't required to do numerous entries. Additionally, every customer, discount allotment products & orders and bar codes, are entirely coincided in the Odoo Point of sales app. With Odoo POS you can easily lift invoices and administer the customer too which additionally syncs your accounting moreover.

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Payment Methods Flexibility

You can administer and configure numerous payment methods with Odoo POS that offer your client with flexibility for selecting the payment method. You can even split payments among diverse payment ways. This permits your client to pay flexibly with diverse payment choices accessible in your store.

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Loyalty Points & Programs

Odoo Point of Sale system permits you to compensate your customers with discounts, points and gifts. Characteristics like the Odoo loyalty program permits you to automate the complete procedure of points allocation. With Loyalty programs, you can maintain the course of purchasing habits and customer behavior.

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It is compatible with any hardware, therefore, you don’t require specific installation for different devices or any new devices to install POS.

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You can develop a floor layout as per your seating arrangement particularly in a restaurant. You can also build various floor plans and table positions within POS.

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Payment splitting

You can divide your order payments into various orders that enable your customers to recompense individually with diverse payment ways.

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User Management

Odoo Point of sales app assists you to produce diverse roles and hierarchies with constraints to diverse users. Thereby, you can set up roles and accountability at every store level.

Integrated Inventory Management

Precise forecasts and Real time management to administer procurements.Automatically Odoo Inventory app intakes any trade from the POS in the stock. You can perceive in real-time the accessibility of products excluding waste of time. Additionally, the POS is harmonious with Odoo eCommerce. You won't require to establish separate stocks for the dual apps and be a really multiway company, without a trouble.

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We Can Use Odoo Pos App Online or Offline

Odoo's Point of Sale remains trustworthy even if your internet connection is out of order.Odoo Point of Sale operates online in addition to offline if your internet connection is missed. You can establish your new stores smoothly and rapidly. To begin POS you require an internet connection and if your internet connectivity is missing you can proceed working without a fuss. Formerly the internet connection is working and all the offline data will synchronize.

Benefits of Configuring Odoo POS

User Friendly Interface

Odoo offers an easy, straightforward interface which makes it appealing and user-friendly.

Available Offline for Users

Odoo Web-dependent POS permits users to access the system whether online or offline. Every transaction occurring in the system when it's offline will be synced back to the server once its re-connection.

Cash Flow Tracking

Odoo POS assists to follow cash flow on every sales counter depending on sessions / shifts. Additionally, it keeps the records of users of each session.

Cash Control Feature

Odoo POS assists a cash control characteristic which displays the value available in the cash drawer during an opening of a new session, the cash can be registered in their denominations.

Loyalty Management

We can administer loyalty programs for clientele with Odoo POS. Consequently, depending on their buys retailers can recompense their clientele with points or gifts which allure more customers and enhance sales.

Why Choose Kalibroida

The retail sale operations are diversely performed in numerous stores consequently a committed retail store management device will not be adequate enough to handle the operations, you will need customized solutions like pos retail odoo. The operational quality and potency in administration rely on the customization ability of the execution partner or the service supplier. This is where Kalibroida comes into action with several years of expertise in Odoo and being a committed Odoo gold partner. The vast patronage will display our abilities in Odoo execution.


Printing is feasible considering your POS and the printer are linked to the similar local network (wifi/ethernet).

Considering POS ODOO 13 , it is not anymore essential to have one IoT box per POS due to we can manually choose particular hardware for numerous POS using a dropdown menu on the IoT setup menu.

Yes, you can.

After 2020, the Iot Box has 2 HDMI plugs which enable you to link 2 screens additionally to the cashier screen