Odoo Rental Sale Management

Rental services and products are becoming universal with current demographics since they provide an insignificant option of utilizing the products excluding the precedent of purchasing them.

It offers the relief of gaining the products on lease and utilizing them for the particular timeframe. If you are beginning a business of rental products and services, Odoo rental Sale module is the impeccable solution to administer your funding and orders in Odoo.

Delivery Rental product management in Odoo, the module conscientiously builds a distinct space to In Odoo administer rental orders, rental products, and rental contracts. Supervise rental product classifications, UoM(s), rental agreements in a disconnect Rental Sale menu.

The rental tenure can be established to predefined Custom Tenure or Standard Tenure

Odoo Rental Sale Management Features

odoo rental module

Administer Your Rental Enterprise In Odoo

  • The module offers the framework to handle rental enterprise from Odoo.
  • You can build, rent and follow your products utilizing Odoo
odoo rental module

Build Rental Products And Handle Their Prices In Odoo

  • Now you can build rental products in Odoo. The rating of the rental products is administered on a everyday, weekly, by the hour, etc basis.
  • You can select straightforward pricing or energetic pricing mechanisms for products.
odoo rental module

Establish The Uom For Rental Tenures And Their Costs

  • Handle costs of rental products utilizing suitable UOM.
  • You can produce Uom like by the hour, everyday, periodical, monthly, etc for your products.
  • Utilize the Uom to establish rental costs in your products.
odoo rental module

Include Security Cost To Every Rental Product

  • A security cost can even include each product.
  • The security cost is automatically included to the total of every sales order.
  • This cost is redeemable when the product is reverted.
odoo rental module

From Odoo Backend Track Rental Orders And Contracts

  • To rent products establish sales orders to the customers.
  • Automatically every sales order establishes a rental order and even a rental contract.
odoo rental module

As Policy To Your Rental Products Include Rental Agreements

  • You can establish diverse rental agreements for diverse sorts of products.
  • Every product is associated with a product agreement.
  • The rental contract created while renting the product the product agreement is also added to it.
odoo rental module

Information Of Every Rented Product In Rental Contract

  • The rental contract displays the information of the rented products.
  • View information such as rent tenure, deliveries both outgoing-incoming, security deposit, unit price, total etc
odoo rental module

Restore Expired Rental Contract

  • You can even renew the expired rental contract in Odoo with just a click.
odoo rental module

Administer Classifications Of Rental Product To Rapid Classification

  • In Odoo you can establish rental product classifications
  • As per the categories classify the rental products for better tracking.
odoo rental app

Diverse Sorts Of Tenures To Place Rental Orders

  • For every product in Odoo, you can establish and save standard tenures.
  • While producing rental orders for the customers, you can then utilize these tenures.
  • You can select the custom tenure or standard tenure while building the rental order.

Committed Support For Your Odoo Rental Sale Management Module

    Kalibroida is a company that has years of experience in handling Odoo services. We help firms in executing and implementing the software successfully into their business. And when it comes to Odoo Rental Sale Management Module you definitely require a professional who can implement it in your business as per your company’s requirement. We even offer you not only professional resources but also dedicated support to build this extremely successful technology into your enterprise.

odoo rental management

How Kalibroida Will Help You

We at Kalibroida offer an online Rental Management Solution that administers each and every feature of the rental management and actions, straight from acquisition, responsibility, manage, responsibility, application, support to the inclination of the property. Furthermore, it permits you to handle your operations, customers and staff, globally.

Our odoo rental solution is going to look out for the complete assets and equipment administration tasks straight from the distribution of resources to developing a financial statement for the year.


Yes, by adding customer name and order quantity on the equivalent product column in the Odoo rental app. You can view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rental details.

By building rental orders and invoices in jew a few clicks. You can do anything, like returns and managing deliveries from the same screen.

See your every email communications linked to the connected order, permitting you to track back on conversations and negotiation.

Break down sales and invoicing information by serial number, period, product category, product, customer, etc. and perform precise reporting and capable decision making.