Odoo Maintenance Software

One of the major industries that includes the operation of a huge number of machines is the manufacturing industry. A critical role is played by maintenance of all the machines in the industry. Maintenance guarantees the appropriate 'health' of the machines and enhances its life cycle. Rather than wasting time on undesirable mechanical mistakes and machine breakdown, you can guarantee continuous working at your work places.

Odoo Maintenance Module offers a dashboard that provides you the information of internal maintenance actions to do. It provides an effortless management of the Kanban views and maintenance calendar of the activities. It even provides you with the facilities of drag and drop. The on time maintenance work is certain to offer you the best support for the powerful functioning of the instruments. The software also permits the diverse wings to accelerate the handling of maintenance requests.

Automate Preventive Maintenance

Odoo determines standard statistics to assist you design preventive maintenance, comprising mean time to repair (MTTR), expected next failure date, and mean time between failure (MTBF), and permits you to automate frequency and scheduling of preventive maintenance.

odoo maintenance module

With The Help of Odoo Maintenance App Organize Work Order Maintenance Requests

Smoothly trace the maintenance requests progress utilizing the kanban view. Employ the maintenance calendar to arrange and plan activities. Your company’s team will love utilizing drag-and-drop that is a fast and easy interface to arrange maintenance requests.

odoo maintenance module

Boost Your Overall Equipment Effectiveness With Odoo Maintenance APP

Maintenance requests can be triggered directly by the manufacturing department from their work center control panel. While your maintenance team works, the correct people will be upgraded in real time.

Enhance communication, lower downtime and make your manufacturing additionally capable.

odoo maintenance app

To Optimize Your Performance - Dashboard & Statistics

Utilize calculated statistics automatically involving MTBRand MTBF to readjust your preventive maintenance regulations and diminish the danger of failure of equipment. You can trace performance utilizing the dashboard and can even generate custom KPIs in merely a few clicks.

odoo maintenance app

Features of Odoo Maintenance Software

odoo maintenance
Maintenance Module

To administer your every maintenance-associated work from Application you can establish the Maintenance module. Every detail connected to the maintenance activities can be viewed in this module. The primary feature of this module is Preventive maintenance.

odoo maintenance
Preventive Maintenance

Several equipment require daily maintenance to support its working requirement. There are primarily two natures of preventive maintenance, time-related preventive maintenance, and utilization-related preventive maintenance. During regular intervals the previous deals with the maintenance of the equipment. Utilization-related preventive maintenance is done following a chosen usage, for instance, a vehicle should experience maintenance each and every 100kms.

odoo maintenance
Maintenance Calendar

By clicking on the Maintenance tab and choosing the Maintenance Calendar, you can view the calendar view of the maintenance operation needed. Every maintenance including the name of the technician is displayed. You can also view them in Kanban, List, Graph, or Pivot. A tiny description of maintenance containing date and time of the happening of maintenance, technician name, priority, and sort of maintenance is displayed by clicking on the maintenance marked on the calendar. You can even edit the maintenance or erase it from the list present here.

odoo maintenance

Additional significant characteristic of the Maintenance module is that you can look at all the equipment at first sight. You will be redirected to a page filled with equipment owned by the company by clicking on the Equipments tab. From this page you can even schedule an activity associated with the equipment . Serial number of the equipment, equipment name, to whom the maintenance is allocated, Request if some, and the equipment’s Expiration Date is displayed. To obtain a comprehensive description of the equipment you can even click on the equipment name. To the list you can include new equipment by just clicking on the button that shows CREATE. You just have to fill the form with the information asked for.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

Every Odoo service has its unique feature and usage in every business, according to the requirements of the company we at Kalibroida guide the company on which service will fulfill their needs. Thus, from the suggestion, guidance to implementation, we are here to assist you. The team of Kalibroida is equipped with talent, knowledge, years of experience and dedication. We are one of the best companies to work with when it comes to Odoo service implementation.


Yes, by clicking on the Maintenance tab and choosing the Maintenance Calendar.

Yes, you can view all the equipment in one glance, you just need to click on the Equipment tab and it will redirect you to the page where you will see a complete list of equipment owned by the organization.

Yes, in the form of Bar Chart, Line Chart, or Pie Chart form you can get the analysis of the maintenance work.

Yes, by seeing at the dashboard you will be able to view several scheduled maintenance and unscheduled maintenance are present under diverse maintenance teams. By just clicking on the maintenance “TO DO” you can see the list of maintenance scheduled under the selected title after getting redirected.