Odoo Recruitment App

Manage recruitment process efficiently, from sourcing to contract.

Handle Your Recruitment Process Easily With Odoo Recruitment App

Recruitment module in Odoo permits you to obtain applications from an extensive array of sources, making it simpler to collect candidate information and select them intelligently. With the assistance of the application, one can smoothly examine from which source the applicant comes from, thus improving the recruitment funds in conformity with it. It also enables you to maintain track of presented applications and pursue every applicant depending on a built database of expertise and profiles automatically with indexed documents for that goal.

Odoo Recruitment App

Organize Your Vacancies and Job Applications Using Recruitment Software

Establish your job board, encourage your job listings and smoothly maintain track of submitted applications. Pursue every applicant and construct a database of expertise and profiles with listed documents. No requirement to subcontract your recruitment - manage everything inwardly in an easy and professional manner.

Odoo Recruitment App

Track job offers Using Odoo Recruitment App

A fresh email address is allocated to each job offer in order to track applications straight to the correct one automatically.

Either applicants contact you through email or utilize an online form, obtain every data listed (resumes, cover letters, etc.) and answer in merely with a click, utilizing templates or customized emails automatically.

Customize Your Recruitment Process With Odoo Recruitment App

Determine your personal stages and interviewers.

Utilize the kanban view and personalize the measures of your recruitment procedure: preselection, 1st interview, 2nd interview, negotiation, and so forth. Obtain precise statistics on your recruitment channel.

Utilize reports to match the postings performance of that you have created on diverse external job boards and smoothly modify your plan and recruitment plan depending on the results.

Odoo Recruitment App

Integrated Documents Using Odoo Recruitment App

Determine your own documents management procedure.

  • Build your job positions and broadcast them.
  • Obtain the first applications.
  • In the Documents app, discover the filled documents.
Odoo Recruitment App

Features Of Odoo Recruitment App

Odoo Recruitment App
Job offers

On your website post job offers and track the application procedure within the Kanban view.

Odoo Recruitment App
Employment websites

From diverse employment portals link job offers to your module and keep an eye on your every offer.

Odoo Recruitment App
Recruitment process management

Administer a channel of candidates for your open positions and obtain systematic smart activities administration.

Odoo Recruitment App

Control all from application emails to automated answers straight from the app.

Odoo Recruitment App
Automatic indexation

Establish a repository with your every applicants’ resumes, orderly and immediately accessible.

Odoo Recruitment App
Calendar integration

Schedule interviews and share meeting invites straight from Odoo and sync your Odoo calendar with Google Calendar.

Odoo Recruitment App

Maintain track of your every applicant.

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Create offer links for the chosen candidates. Permit them to review the offer, load their personal details and sign the offer.

Yes you can and even track the process of application within the Kanban view.