Odoo VOIP App

Odoo VoIP enables organizations to take and make international calls as well as obtain international business numbers to depict areas in diverse parts of the universe.

The built-in VOIP integration in Odoo Enterprise can be a real advantage for you if you have a sales team that must make or take constant calls. Rather than your sales team having to get better incoming calls manually within Odoo, Odoo's VOIP incorporation will find the contact within Odoo automatically when the call comes in.

Odoo VoIP Seamlessly Integrates With Odoo Apps

With smooth incorporation, you can make calls and manage your business on the go

Odoo VOIP App

Utilize Any Of Your Devices To Make Calls Any place

Select whatever choices are simplest for you - your smartphone, tablet, computer, or VoIP phone. You just require an internet connection.

Odoo VOIP App

Manage The Flow Of Calls With Odoo VOIP App

This editor assists you to build and tailor your calling journeys.

Drag, drop, or associate elements and establish a diagram that functions best for your organization. An instinctive interface makes it simple to improve your call workflows and execute modifications.

Odoo VOIP Integration

Every contact in Odoo is merely a click away. However with the Odoo VoIP widget, you have plenty of choices than just calling them. You can schedule meetings, view their order details,send emails, or internal team notes, and furthermore!
Odoo VoIP incorporates apps such as Helpdesk, Invoicing, CRM, Sales, and more, so you can simplify your workflows and eradicate uninteresting, manual work for your team members.

Odoo VOIP App
Insightful icons assist you stay on top of everything

The VoIP widget incorporates Odoo apps, so you can obtain your work done more successfully, excluding the pressure of switching tabs or wildly searching for details.

Odoo VOIP App
Perform supportive tasks
(even while on a call)

Plan an activity, such as sending an email, call or meeting.

Odoo VOIP App
Every information you need right at your fingertips

Unlock a possibility, ticket, or a contact of a customer form to view each details.

Create An Activity From The Chatter In Odoo VOIP App

Odoo VoIP is completely incorporated with Odoo, so you can program actions from any app to maintain a track of everything.

With Odoo VoIP your to-do list will become shorter.

Odoo VOIP App

Create A Call Queue With One Click with Odoo VOIP App

In the CRM pipeline with just a click from the kanban view, you can program a call in your phone queue for others as well as yourself. Easily hover on your card of contacts and click to include to your list of next actions.

Odoo VOIP App

Report On Call Logs Using Odoo VOIP App

Speedily filter, search, or export - everything from the Odoo dashboard.

Odoo VOIP App

Features Of Odoo VOIP Module

Odoo VOIP App

In Odoo call any number with a single click.

Odoo VOIP App

Establish voicemail for fresh users with a single click. Simply obtain messages by email as an attachment.

Odoo VOIP App
Automatic forward

Simply forward business calls to external as well as internal numbers.

Odoo VOIP App
Conference room

Associate up to thirty participants with just a push of a button.

Odoo VOIP App
Call transfer

Transmit a caller to a team or a colleague.

Odoo VOIP App
Dynamic Caller ID

Decide what phone number your client sees relying on preconfigured rules.

Odoo VOIP App
Speed dial

Quickly Configure keys and dial internal and external numbers ahead with other actions.

Odoo VOIP App
International calling

Call customers universally with reasonable rates.

Odoo VOIP App
International office

Provide local phone numbers in every country you have an office.

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Every device of yours will ring when someone calls your number.

Manage incoming calls when no operator is there with a call queue.