Odoo Marketing Automation App

Marketing automation is significant for every type of business as company ventures now use diverse ways of a campaign to make sure achievement and development. Odoo Marketing automation benefits the business to guarantee unbroken campaign activity of each enterprise undertaking. It even supports the inspection of campaigns and evaluates the influence of the campaigns. You can also build appealing campaign templates with Odoo.

Create Automatic & Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Automatize your operation and extend your business.

Section your potential database to provide the correct message to the correct prospect at the right moment. Establish advanced marketing operations that are focused nearly on your prospects and foster them successfully with the help of your sales funnel, 24/7.

Odoo Marketing Automation App

Design Engaging Email Campaigns In Few Minutes

Obtain total command above your email content and design thanks to an insightful and user-friendly drag & drop interface.

Utilize already decided building blocks to produce clean paragraphs, images or calls-to-action excluding moving a single line of code.

Easily Customize Your Workflows with Odoo Marketing Automation App

Generating a multiple-stage campaign with numerous paths is easier like these two-steps campaigns. Include latest actions and choose time triggers straight on your workflow.

Odoo Marketing Automation App

Trigger Action You Need To Streamline Your Workflow

Build end-to-end customer voyages and utilize workflows to computerize tasks like movement of a lead ahead in your sales channel, allocating committed prospects to your sales team, upgrading a record and further.

Utilize if/then activities to carry out particular tasks after an email has been clicked, opened, or replied.

Odoo Marketing Automation App

Allow An Incorporated Approach To Producing, Nurturing And Transforming Leads Into Customers

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Lead Generation

Create leads using your Odoo Email Marketing, Odoo Website, and Odoo Events.

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Lead Qualification

Inside Odoo CRM, mark your leads depending on standards like demographic & behavioral and your sales teams allocate the hot ones.

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Lead Nurturing

Section your inferior quality leads in accordance with their objectives & interests and nourish them using appropriate lead nurturing campaigns.

Features of Odoo Marketing Automation App

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Easy Segmentation

Section your database smoothly with a neat widget utilizing an amalgamation of attributes like demographic and behavioral. Your contacts will be registered to the campaign instantly if they satisfy the criteria.

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Advanced Statistics

Perceive how your campaign is acting with KPIs like bounce rate, clicks, open rate, and producibility.

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Test Mode

Prior activating your campaign, operate a workflow on a test contact to watch the series of circumstances in action.

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Advanced Workflows

Establish and personalize workflows with a visual link to improve and visualize the journey of your customer. Obtain your contacts after one path or another depending on an operation in your workflow (email opened / clicked / replied).

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Visitors Tracking

Handle UTMs to follow visitors from a visit to the portal, to the sale order or invoices.

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Based on the time Conditions

Establish delays among your workflow activities.

Odoo Marketing Automation App
Emails Interactions

Utilize built-in building blocks to produce your emails. Begin from scratch or utilize our 10 themes.


Yes, you can send specific emails at a specific time.

Yes, you can automate contextual action like updating a record.

Yes, you can easily automate SMSs for more personal communications.