Odoo Product Lifecycle Management Software

When it comes to assisting you to communicate more successfully throughout several departments then Odoo Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the name that perfectly suits this circumstance . The most significant functionalities for a manufacturing company is to administer the product life cycle, which means that to the delivery from inception stage or products disposal stage. An incorporated system such as Odoo has recorded every product associated with data and manufacturers have the accessibility to the diverse interpretations of their product at any moment in time. Thereby these datas can even be distributed to diverse departments to keep the financial planings.

Features of Odoo PLM Software

  • Management
  • Report Generation
  • Product Data Management
  • Automate Design Creation
  • Bills of Material (BOM)
  • Automate Design Creation
  • Collaboration
  • Change ManagementDocument Publishing
  • Quality Management
odoo product lifecycle management

Administer engineering changes with real-time communication Using Odoo PLM Software

Managing engineering modifications effectively is all regarding communication. Odoo PLM controls the authority of a business social network to assist you communicate more successfully across numerous departments. Everybody tracks only what they require, sanctions are easy, and discussions on documents are focused in real time.

odoo product lifecycle management

Integrated Document Management for drawings, worksheets, and quality documents with Odoo PLM

  • Pass details to manufacturing with activated alerts on work center control panels or worksheets.
  • Link your documents straight to routings, BoMs, or anyplace else.
  • Smoothly administer several versions of your documents. Power and user friendliness is what Odoo PLM is all about.
Odoo PLM Software

Smart Model Versioning with Odoo PLM

Odoo arranges all departments on the similar documents therefore you can track modifications effectively throughout several versions, so forget about syncing EBoM and MBoM.

You can work on various versions of the similar BoM in parallel with Odoo PLM, and apply merely the variations to handle several changes.

odoo product lifecycle management

Benefits of Odoo PLM

  • Even for product life cycle management Odoo ERP always provides the best solution.
  • It sustains you to administer and incorporate every activity occurring in a company in association with the production of a commercial product in addition to its marketing and service.
  • Odoo PLM provides rapid incorporation with distinct applications and tools.
  • Easy incorporation and management of social platforms with the support of Odoo.
  • Guarantee clarity in operations
  • Rapid support for administering engineering modifications.
Odoo PLM Software

How Odoo PLM can enhance your business

odoo product lifecycle management
Diminish risk

Odoo assists you to conform with every business standards and regulations. This guarantees the enhanced manufacturing standards and quality of products. This can diminish the hazard of inadequate quality products and any legal activity for breach of norms.

odoo product lifecycle management
Enhanced Productivity

The operational effectiveness of employees can be enhanced significantly with Odoo's support. Odoo can offer you help to diminish operational costs and enhance productivity with this ERP solution. It will help you to diminish the cost of development for infrastructure and production at the similar time it expedites time. Rapid following of workflow, design and documents, and labor force will assist to ensure enhanced productivity.

odoo product lifecycle management
Competent Cost Management

Decrease cost is guaranteed with the assistance of competent operation of work centers. The members of the team will be competent to develop realistic objectives and track the objectives in a practical manner and design the production procedure in a similar manner.

odoo product lifecycle management
Accelerated Time to Market

On the speed of the arrival to the market, the product demand relies. An original product should reach the market during the shortest time frame to ensure demand. Odoo PLM assists to successfully administer engineering orders and finish the work. With the production center it even assists to connect the market.

odoo product lifecycle management
Increased Revenue

Producing profit is the key duty of any company. With improved partnership of diverse teams and enhanced work center ability Odoo can ensure you boost revenue. IT will assist to reduce the cost and enhance market plan thus growing demand and sales.

odoo product lifecycle management
Quick data Sharing

Move your details to the global market in addition to your employees and retailers with Odoo support and have no fear regarding the delay in communication. Cloud platform assists to administer every activity.

odoo product lifecycle management
Centralized Information

Cloud helps you to concentrate your information. Everybody can operate from everywhere and watch the ECO and manufacturing order with the assistance of the web-based platform.

odoo product lifecycle management
Best Quality Products

With Odoo quality to administer the quality of the product, Odoo PLM can be incorporated. It can assist you establish the actions and determine a mechanism of quality control. It can even follow the client retention, sale details, and enhance products depending on the reply of the customers.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

For any company Odoo PLM is software that is unavoidable. And to implement such a technology in your business you need an expert who has years of knowledge and experience with Odoo services like us Kalibroida. Get in with Kalibropida to obtain more information regarding Odoo PLM. With the supreme team, we can provide you help to execute the application and establish essential customization.


Odoo PLM provides swift integration with diverse tools and applications.

You can simply incorporate Social platforms and administer with the support of Odoo.

Yes you get rapid support when there is a requirement for modification in Engineering.

Yes, with the production of a commercial product and also its marketing and service, you can administer and incorporate these activities.