Odoo Quality Management Software

In an organization, you require excellent quality products to deliver to your clientele. For the purpose of delivering quality products, an amount of quality checks must be transported by the organization before finishing the production. The product must experience diverse quality audits before going to clients. We can establish diverse quality checks with Odoo at various steps of production. The Quality module overall is created for this sole purpose.

Quality Control Points In The Odoo Quality App

Determine quality control plan to trigger quality audits at particular inventory operations (accepting and ultimate inspection) or manufacturing operations (in-process scrutiny).

Establish in-process, ultimate, and accepting inspections depending on a quality control design. Determine quality control arrangements to trigger in-process, ultimate, and acceptance inspections.

Administer and follow production part authorization procedure (PPAP) submissions. Statistical process control (SPC) configuration. Secure process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA) credentials to routings.

odoo quality management

Manage Quality Alerts With a Great User Interface With Odoo Quality Software

In Odoo's clean kanban interface you will find it interesting in organizing your quality alerts. To report progress use Drag and drop alerts and utilize visual indicators to concentrate on vital alerts.

Utilize tags to classify quality alerts and establish regulations to automate alerts or activities. Classify by addressee (supplier,design, process), by requestor ( main line, sub line, customer), and further.

odoo quality management

To Improve Quality :Total Productive Maintenance

Quality alerts can be triggered by the manufacturing department straightaway from their workcenter control panel. Formerly you upgrade a request, the correct people obtain the details in real time.

Enhanced communication will diminish your manufacturing time out and enhance your team proficiency.

odoo quality management

Fully Integrated With Inventory and Manufacturing Operations.

  • Quality alerts and checks are completely incorporated with your inventory and manufacturing actions.
  • A quality alert can be triggered by workers correct from the work center control panel, or from inventory actions.
  • To sanctify quality zones, route products to execute advanced checks.
odoo quality management

Benefits Of Odoo Quality App

  • The greatest advantage of Quality control in Odoo quality apps is that it is well incorporated with inventory and manufacturing.
  • Odoo quality app quality control offers simple improvements’ track
  • Tracking of history is also enabled by the Quality Control module
  • Tracing the result of your quality control management is even done easily in Odoo
  • Odoo quality software quality control allows competent communication by transmitting alerts to workers.
odoo quality management

How Kalibroida Will Help You

With the highly proficient and experienced team for Odoo Service, we Kalibroida can make the whole implementation and execution process easy for your organization. We make sure that you understand which Odoo service will fulfill your company’s needs and then we will help you with the process. Our professional team will be with you from start to end and if you have any query then we will be happy to answer that during the process as well. The ultimate use of implementing Odoo service in your organization is to make every business process easy and smooth thus, we will make sure that firstly you understand what it is and how it will lower your workload then will execute it successfully.


Yes you get easy follow ups on improvements with this software.

Yes, you can easily follow the outcomes of quality control management through the software.

Yes, you can communicate easily with workers through the software and send them work alerts directly.