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The Kalibroida BPO income and Fulfillment exercise provides a extend of solutions and services that impact your pinnacle line via sale support techniques. These price containment and procedures accelerate sales enhancement via controlling cost of goods (COGS) in the accomplishment and supply chain side of organization. More vitally, this service permits you to influence outsourcing to effect key revenue metrics including revenue assurance, improvement of revenue, sales warranty, and revenue acknowledgement.

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Sales & Fulfilment Offeringx

Challenges in sales and fulfillment

• Non-standard and Disparate processes
• Exceptions directed by legacy systems and people vs. business rationale
• Lack of focus on business metrics
• Lack of information tracking and Contrasting technology systems

Kalibroida approach

• Uniformity of development and processes of a universal process backbone supporting an end-to-end solution
• Unified delivery over technology and process
• Workflow and Scanning solutions to empower good process flow at offshore location
• Benchmarking-based approach to measure adequacy of inter and intra-industry guidelines in order management and order processing
• Business-metric-driven solution vs. process metrics
• Focus on constant operational efficiency and improvement
we provide complete BPO Sales& Fulfilment Service


• Improved productivity

• Enough governance and visibility

• Improved revenue

• Assure savings via labor arbitrage

• Improved process effectiveness

• Decrease day sales outstanding and data backup operations

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