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Inside the business conditions, the undertaking system is constantly changing. To optimize clients application platform, companies services, and performances, Kalibroida offers solutions and services extending over Microsoft’s product offering to transmit improvement across the whole organization. To guide in bringing their web resources together, Kalibroida tie-up with clients, consisting of rich media, social marketing, examination and computerized promoting reconciliation. Need an expert's advice on the Microsoft Azure Service Contact us now.

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To make the attractive experience for users, cut costs, enhancing business agility and delivering acclaimed authority tools and process, collaboration platforms and content administration are authorizing the customers. Kalibroida designs strong certification to empower customers to take advantage as much as possible from their investment. If you are looking for the Azure Cloud Service Contact us now.

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To make use of efficiency beyond Microsoft Dynamics,Microsoft Azure and Cortana Analytics suite, Kalibroida and Microsoft are working to empower customers on cloud renewal journey. Kalibroida provides answers that aim at diversity consist of healthcare, financial services, oil and gas and the list is endless.Want to work with us Get in touch with us now.

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Kalibroida offers in the public cloud space, a complete spectrum of services. Our main offerings are consist of :

• With cloud actions and control, pilot immigration implementation and custom built cloud platform, we establish public cloud roadmap.

• Through re-platforming, moving applications and re-building,migration and converting tasks at hand by using devices like CloudEndure and Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR).

• Managing operations using a dedicated or shared services delivery model and leveraging our automation platform, Kalibroida ManaTM, for efficient operations

• Upgrading operations via DevOps services, Azure’s native cloud controls, and cloud usage analytics and advancing

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Accelerate workload migration to Microsoft Azure with Kalibroidax

• To offer a smooth migration journey, correct from strategy up to implementation, with zero business disruption, our complete way influence best practices, and customized tools. The Kalibroida- Microsoft companionship offers business the right capabilities and tools for migration, management of workload on the cloud and transformation.

As approved Azure partner and Microsoft’s Gold, we influence our Azure investment to collectively develop solutions that guide customers and drive their business value faster and greater. Here’s how it is being done:

Create the right foundation: With the Azure cloud adoption framework through analysis workshop and jumpstart work streams, at hand migration we adapt our task. Hence, customers can comfortably compute actions, enables safety and streamline operations at ownership of less total cost, hence empowering maximum returns on investments.

Scale of quality: With the correct company, the foundation can associate with best transfer techniques, devices and accelerators to fasten their migration and control task at hand with new and improved on-cloud specifications.
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The 5 essentials of the Kalibroida Solution x

Cloud security architecture: With constant quality assurance (QA) and thread management stay complaint by using the security architecture that offers company –level safety for framework, data and applications.

Mass migration and workload analysis: Through codified models and decision logics, remove business disruptions which will analyze workload for cloud enhancement and migration.

Refactoring of applications with architecture and development: With confirm infrastructure that measure abilities and approaches expedite migration which covers individual technology stacks.

Cloud automation and DevOps: Empower quality, reliability and speed with the usage of automation driven DevOps to frequently on-board application on cloud.

Manage Cloud operations: Create the company’s business more energetic by automatize cloud operations and features, ahead with predictive, proactive and reactive service affirmation and complete security.
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Our Accelerators and differentiators x

To ensure security and increase efficiency, we leverage the following best-in-class tools during migration:

Kalibroida Workload Migration Suite, examine, discover and suggests applications appropriate for hosting and also design the migration to Azure Cloud.

Kalibroida Migration Planning Suite provides accelerators to renew and re-factor web applications, operating system (OS), legacy virtual servers, ERP systems, databases to cloud native technology platform.

Kalibroida Legacy Moderation Suite influence our confirmed accelerate, transform and renew Art infrastructure, which connect non-intrusive and State-of-the-art knowledge curation platforms, the right expertise and migration devices.

Kalibroida Service Assurance Suite automates the management, deployment, monitoring and provisioning of cloud stacks to accomplish compliance, safety and service management standards, as long as also empowering a regular user experience.

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The conveniently scalable Kalibroida Azure migration strategy delivers:

  • Compliance feature and strong safety.
  • Constant backing via expert teams and production Azure workload.
  • With executive sponsorship, robust value proposition.
  • Minimum migration timeline and fair objectives.
  • Devoted investment and financial assurance.
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