Odoo IoT Box

Easy, Tailored and Protected. For the foregoing basis, amongst every developing technology, IoT is sticking out to have the biggest influence on the industrial economy. People like IoT in a box for various reasons such as huge productivity, enhanced quality, business scalability, more data and so forth. Currently the IoT box acts as an eminent option for smooth transmission of operations of business in every industry profile.

The Iot Box Permits You to Link External Devices to Your Odoo Database

Odoo IoT Box
Simple Setup

Link the IoT Box and the devices you require to your database in a short space of time, no technical skill is needed.

Odoo IoT Box
Completely Integrated

Devices are completely incorporated with the IoT Box, and with the current business system, encouraging your productivity.

Odoo IoT Box
Standard Connections

Devices can be linked with Wifi, USB, Bluetooth, or HDMI.

Increase Your Productivity with Odoo IoT Box

  • Connect
  • Examine Devices
  • Connect Operations
  • Start Using It

Flawless Integration with Odoo IoT Box

Odoo IoT Box
Quality Measurement Tool

Include any measurement tools you utilize like micrometers, gauge feelers, digital calipers, height gages and furthermore. Measurements are connected to the Products you are handling and you can persist or refuse at every step.

Look at the values immediately and evade the risk of errors and extra time required when copying these details manually.

Odoo IoT Box

Utilize pictures to authenticate quality, document problems or meet auditing needs. Single click to take your photo and you can then proceed working!

Everything is available to make your work seamless - no more time wasted connecting devices and transferring files backwards and forwards.

Odoo IoT Box

To Reports connect lots and serial numbers.

At the same time print product labels as you create a fresh serial number - prior or after you create your products.

Hold barcodes to make your Warehouse automated.

Why To Choose Odoo IOT BOX

Odoo IoT Box
IoT Ensures High Productivity
  1. It permits smart devices to stay linked together, interacting with each other in a speedy and important way.
  2. It assists in being informed of modifications occurring in the environment.
  3. It assists to take quick actions with respect to fresh modifications or actions.
Odoo IoT Box
IoT ensures Increased Quality
  1. A network of machines as IoT being, it has the new opportunity to get erroneous.
  2. IoT devices are as precise as their programming is done.
  3. IoT devices permit users to hold the most precise measurements.

Odoo IoT Box
IoT enables Automation
  1. IoT devices, as they are linked to a system or a network, they can ask for requests or trigger actions inside its host.
  2. IoT devices evaluate modifications in the environment.
  3. IoT devices can make mechanical actions.
Odoo IoT Box
More Data
  1. IoT creates plenty of data, increased data means more details and more details means more precise outcomes.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

Kalibroida has helped the companies in the implementation process and made them work efficiently with Odoo apps. If you have a query regarding Odoo services, we are here to help you out. With huge experience and advanced skills we have a record of delivering our services successfully.


The Subscription costs you around US$ 20.00/month/box. For every IoT Box Subscription, you obtain an IoT Box for free.

It has a 1 year warranty. If there is a problem with the box, the customer is required to send it back within 1 year and get a fresh one.

Yes, you can.