Odoo Elearning App : the Top Open Source E-learning Management Systems

In Odoo ERP, the E-Learning module provides a chance for creating courses online, further enabling the visitors to associate and finish their course in compliance with the rules configured even though making the course.

This module also provides a fascinating dashboard for the consumer who is currently logged into the portal site, exhibiting numerous details such as the status of courses that she/he joined, badges obtained by she/he, rank and diverse profile data.

The Key to Success Is Learning : Odoo Elearning App

odoo e learning app

Engaging Content

Documents, Web pages, Videos, Presentations - look on all devices!

odoo e learning app

Quick Editing

With animations and infographics the formation of pages can be Drag & drop

odoo e learning app

Self-Determined Learning

Exhibit participants in their development and group lessons into parts.

odoo e learning app


Measure feedback, involvement, and perceive income reports.

odoo e learning app

Reviews and Quizzes

Review how good people are learning and what they consider the content.

odoo e learning app


Mark advanced tests and view how much effort guides to success.

Engage Students by Showing Their Progress

Badges, cohort Q&A, Quizzes, points. Participants maintain maximum and can assist one another - declining the time it would take to level up!

You will see an increase in attention and concentration, greater levels of critical thinking and enhanced productivity with meaningful learning experiences!

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Features of Odoo eLearning App

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Organized Content

Every course is a channel that administers the content that you include to your eLearning platform. Establish as numerous courses as you have topics to educate.

odoo e learning app
Multimedia Assets

In your courses include every sort of content: infographics, web pages, PDF presentations, videos, quizzes, and certifications.

odoo e learning app
Retention and Comprehension

At the end of your content you can include quizzes . These quizzes can exhibit one or multiple answers.

odoo e learning app

Measure your students with a set of questions and confirm them before they pass the test.

odoo e learning app
Instant Feedback

Once they’ve submitted their tests then the students can review their answers and match them with the correct ones.

odoo e learning app
Passing Scores

Determine the lowest score needed to pass the test.

odoo e learning app
Measure Performance

Determine a deadline for your tests.

odoo e learning app
Attempt Limits

Determine that a student can attempt to pass the test how many times.

odoo e learning app

The students who complete effectively a certification obtain their certificate immediately through email.

odoo e learning app

A badge is given to the students who pass the test and that is exhibited on their profile.

Advanced Reporting Offers You Actual Time Insight

With charts or tables, you'll discover the excellent method to obtain insights into your certifications and courses, the learners performances, and the profits they produce.

Choose the metrics that are appropriate to you, apply already decided and and pivot custom filters, or group the results nevertheless you wish them!

odoo e learning app


At the bottom of your content you can add external links to offer your students access to extra sources.

Your portal is translatable in as many languages that suit yourself.

Yes they can rate courses from one to five stars and also can leave comments. You can even delete off-topic answers, post your own replies, and comprehend what people consider of your content.

You can permit your students to share your courses by email, by embedding them on their websites or on social networks ( LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook), and even with a permanent link. There are multiple options for students to share your content and courses online.