Odoo Employee Management App

Human resource management(HRM) is the tactical method to the efficient management of people in a company, so that they assist the business to obtain a competitive benefit. HR management in odoo benefits you to handle your every human resource operations.

Centralize All Your Employee Information With Odoo Employee Management App

Supervise every significant detail for every department at first sight. Limit visibility of delicate data to only HR managers, or create other details for every employee to view like employee directory. Obtain alerts for any latest leave requests, allotment requests, appraisals, applications and so forth.

Odoo Employee Management App

Track Time & Attendance of Employee Using Odoo Employee Management Software

Periodical timesheets with voluntary attendance tracking.

Maintain track of the employee working hours and sort by tasks, client or project. Smoothly access statistics to register and examine timesheets in addition to check attendance of every employee. Incorporated accounting posts information depending on allotted time in projects offering real-time data automatically.

Odoo Employee Management App

Simplified Tracking for Employee Vacation and Sick Days

  • Employees register their requests (sick leave, paid time off, and so forth).
  • Managers determine to either sanction or reject time off requests.
  • Notification is transmitted to the employee and their calendar is automatically updated.

Get Expenses Updated and Approved Fast Using Odoo Employee Management App

Employees can smoothly submit and vindicate expenses. Managers can examine every expense and either sanction or refuse individual requests as required. Once sanctioned, expenses are instantly updated in Odoo Accounting.

Odoo Employee Management App

Performance Evaluations and Employee Reviews Made Easy With Odoo Employee Management Software

Smoothly establish your evaluation procedure and calendar. Plan form-established questionnaires to gather feedback from everybody in the organization, from employees to managers, along with self-evaluations. Computerize the complete process so that you can concentrate on people, not duties of administration.

Odoo Employee Management App

Speed Up The Hiring Process Using Odoo Employee Management App

Establish a job board to place open positions in merely a few clicks and effortlessly maintain track of provided applications. Supervise and administer your applicant deadlines and incorporate Odoo Survey to produce a screening survey which associates with the applicant register automatically.

Odoo Employee Management App

Features Of Odoo Employee Management App

Odoo Employee Management App
Establish employee profiles

Collect every information concerning every employee at the same place.

Odoo Employee Management App
Manage contracts

Maintain track of the status of employees, job titles, contract kind and dates, and their schedule.

Odoo Employee Management App
Administer timesheets

Produce periodical timesheets and track the allotted time by your employees on projects.

Odoo Employee Management App
Manage attendance

Maintain track of the presence of your employees at work. HR managers can smoothly report monthly attendance of employees with the menu entry and state.

Odoo Employee Management App
Administer leaves

Handle holidays, sick days and legal leaves.

Odoo Employee Management App

Obtain a dashboard for each manager.

Odoo Employee Management App
Enterprise social network

Track employees and records, connect discussion groups, chat and share files in real time.

Odoo Employee Management App

Plan challenges, objectives and benefits with clear targets and goals to drive involvement and reward the performance of your employees.

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Yes, you can easily administer sick leaves, holidays and paid leaves of every employee in one App.

Yes you can create a timesheet monthly or weekly and record the time spent on every project by employees.