Odoo Fleet Management App

An Odoo Fleet Management App can do the duties of numerous fleet management employees and work as a competent associate for the fleet manager. No matter what be your business, if you are administering fleet-related operations, ERP tools can offer you assistance to handle the maintenance, registration, repair, driver and fuel consumption, and all the other facets of the vehicles. This can assist the fleet manager to earmark the worries. Moreover, it will guarantee continuous tracking of the vehicles and a clear management system.

Easily Manage Your Fleet With Odoo Fleet Management Software

You won't require any particular tracking system for company vehicles - with Odoo's Fleet Management Software, you can keep a tight watch on your fleet in some easy clicks. Administer all through our user-friendly administrative system -costs, fuel log entries, and numerous other features required for the administration of your company's vehicles.

Odoo Fleet Management App

Manage Leasing And Contracts With Odoo Fleet Management App

Manage every contract for your vehicles and obtain a warning email when contracts get to their expiration date. Various visual tools are established to assure that you'll recall to renew (or end) your contract. Arrange the services nearby the vehicles and talk with the qualified service providers; handle invoices and notes. Establish a vehicle policy within your enterprise, also an insurance policy for the sake of managing your fleet in the most competent manner.

Monitor All Costs At Once With Odoo Fleet Management App

Recognize and follow the money spent by your firm for every fleet vehicle. The contracts like leasing and services contracts are included to your accounting automatically at the start of every period of the prevalence stated in the contracts, while every other costs such as fuel and repairs are included in your report automatically .

Odoo Fleet Management App

Easily Analysis And Reporting Functionality Provides Odoo Fleet Management App

Display every cost connected with a provided vehicle or with a sort of service. Match diverse sorts of costs by utilizing the reporting tool. Obtain really beneficial insights regarding the powerful return of every vehicle for the purpose of improving your fleet investments.

Odoo Fleet Management App

Features Of Odoo Fleet Management App

Odoo Fleet Management App
In-depth descriptions

Determine registration number, brand and model, number of doors and seats, chassis number, colour, etc. to smoothly recognize every vehicle of your fleet.

Odoo Fleet Management App
Leasing contracts

Define contract beginning and expiry dates, recurring costs and activation, and status of the contract.

Odoo Fleet Management App
Keep track of mileage

To maintain a track of the vehicle’s mileage report odometer readings and predict service and repairs.

Odoo Fleet Management App
Monitor fuel consumption

Register all refills for all the cars to supervise fuel consumption, or connect all the vehicles to a particular fuel card to record transactions automatically.

Odoo Fleet Management App
Vehicle maintenance

Have a day by day track of every vehicle maintenance requirements, to forecast services and maintain a track of repairs.

Odoo Fleet Management App
Overview by car

Obtain a clear view of every cost for all the vehicles.

Odoo Fleet Management App

Produce numerous statuses to obtain a transparent picture of vehicles ordered, vehicles you don’t own no longer, vehicles in your park, and so forth.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

Kalibroida is a renowned company when it comes to offering Odoo services. We are here to solve your every issue related to Odoo and will offer you a satisfactory service. If you're confused about Odoo and want to gain a clearity before implementing the app, you can contact us.


Record every cost associated with your fleet in a transparent and thorough report, and establish a custom report with every information you require.

Obtain a transparent overview of your every vehicle thanks to live graphs and reports.