Odoo Online Expense Management

Expenses management assists you finish your expense management task rapidly. In place of going around and gathering every bill and receipt and documenting it manually, Odoo assists to finish every task smoothly. With Odoo Expenses, an employee can build expense reports and include every appropriate document along.

Save Time On Expense Reports With Odoo Expenses Management App

Administering your employees' regular expenses has never been simpler. Whether it's office supplies, travel expenses, or any related employee expenditure, access every submission of receipts and expenses from your Expenses dashboard and build, verify, or reject them in just a click. No requirement to download a particular software to keep expense records. You can maintain everything directly with the help of the app!

Odoo Expenses Management App

Upload All Receipts Directly Into The Expense Record

Employees can simply link copies of their receipts straight to an expense record to evade losing them. Include attachments on the move with any mobile device by getting a picture of the receipt and sending to an assigned email address. Secure time and enhance capability by maintaining a transparent and complete record of every expense

Manage Expenses Every Team with Odoo Expenses Management Module

Simply track expense records throughout the complete team to maintain an eye on costs and make sure they hold on objective and within budget.

Odoo Expenses Management App

Distribute The Workload Between Departments With Odoo Expenses Management App


    Formulate expenses, include notes, and load receipts to the expense record.


    Confirm or decline expenses in a click. Include edit records, request additional details or comments.


    Register employee and company expenses, including them to the books and handling invoices and payments

Odoo Expenses Management App

Features Of Odoo Expenses Management App

Odoo Expenses Management Module
Expense request

Simply register expense requests: through the desktop version, by easily sending the picture of the receipt to a configurable email assumed name or from the mobile app.

Odoo Expenses Management Module
Ask questions and give answers

Permit employees to register expenses for their professional spendings with a transparent overview of every spendings for a determined period, for travels, events, and so forth.

Odoo Expenses Management Module
Add attachments

Simply include attachments to expense records to offer reviewers with confirmation of spendings like tickets, bills, and so forth.

Odoo Expenses Management Module
Expense reports

Group the same expenses in an expense report and accelerate the approval procedure by agreeing every expense in a single click.

Odoo Expenses Management Module
Add comments

To expense records, write notes to include details for reviewers.

Odoo Expenses Management Module
Submit to Managers

To managers submit drafts of expenses to demand for an approval.

Odoo Expenses Management Module
Check status

Have a transparent overview of every expense position at once also independently.

 Odoo Expenses Management App development company.
Review expense records

Review notes of employees to finish, confirm or reject them. Include a comment when rejecting to offer employees a clarification.

 Odoo Expenses Management App development company.
Compare expense and receipts

Odoo exhibits a glimpse of the receipt alongside the expense request for the purpose of assisting the expenses approval procedure.

 Odoo Expenses Management App development company.
Accounting integration

Formerly accepted, journal entries will be placed and reconciled for the expense

 Odoo Online Expense Management
Manage per team

Track expenses for a complete team.

 Odoo Online Expense Management
Reinvoice your expenses

Simply invoice your expenditure to a client.

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