Kalibroida is ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified company for Quality Management System.

Microsoft Azure x

To make use of efficiency beyond Microsoft Dynamics, Azure and Cortana Analytics suite, Kalibroida and Microsoft are working to empower customers on cloud renewal journey. Kalibroida provides answers that aim at diversity consist of healthcare, financial services, oil and gas and the list is endless.

Big Data Hadoop x

Influencing Hadoop’s flexible code for effectiveness mainframe batch processing. Hadoop may be an opportunity to mainframe batch processing and store as Hadoop code is without difficulty maintainable and fits properly amongst COBOL, VSAM, and different legacy technology.

IT Outsourcing x

Each agency that has adopted utility outsourcing over the past decade or is now continuously searching at methods and way to revolutionise and refine its competencies in this space to make sure that outcomes produced are in line with organizational needs.

Doing the right thing, at the right time.


SAP Global Enterprise Implementation Services

Business is getting redefined by IT in ample of ways. The impact of IT surpasses geographies enabling organizations to gain apparent competitive advantage. Although, is spending in any sort of technology that is going to work for the business you are handling? Absolutely not, but a smart financial step can. As shareholders must be offered an appreciable return from the business, it is necessary that their IT empowered expenditure caters measurable outcome of their business. At Kalibroida, Our SAP professional main aim is to help clients and let them realize the business value that they are going to get from their investment, hence taking care of clients business in making it future proof and relevant.
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Kalibroida advances in business from Salesforce. We authorize the Design Thinking Approach to take out fascinating possibilities for them so that they can improve and design certainly a new personal experience for clients.

We help to build and drive the plan and campaign with deep automation which leads to convey those experience to life in short and smart iterations. This allows the large companies to build the ability of innovation and design fresh engagement device and models which will put their customers on the Central of the entire thing they do.
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