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Each agency that has adopted utility outsourcing over the past decade or is now continuously searching at methods and way to revolutionise and refine its competencies in this space to make sure that outcomes produced are in line with organizational needs. To attain this goal, organizations are constantly on the lookout for high-quality practices and frameworks for delivering constant business price and ensuring operational superiority.Need complete application development solution & services contact us now.


At Kalibroida, we provide application Outsourcing services that are equipped toward revolutionizing the customer’s software outsourcing portfolio, whilst empowering them to accumulate higher and better organizational value. Our approach is tuned toward making sure extra operational superiority and strategic distinction, thereby creating our customers’ business very competitive. We're at the reducing edge of key technology paradigms collectively with  software modernization, cloud computing and agility, and are reshaping our customers IT environments to influence those future-generation technology, across their agencies.


Strategic sourcing: Designing your retained organization

To the greater extend, enterprise and IT leaders are influencing strategic sourcing solutions to lessen expenses and get entry to new technologies and great practices. The retained enterprises depends on the heart of moving from an in-sourced or workforce-augmentation version to a managed services sourcing version. This paper features the essential concerns in designing and implementing an surest retained organisation for a single supplier (sourcing associate) solution.

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Our Application Outsourcing Services portfolio includesx

• Application Development – Assist you address emerging technology and business challenges by designing, defining, and building applications custom-made to meet your business needs

• Solution Architecture Assessment –Provides an overall architectural scrutiny and evaluation of your IT application, focusing on Quality of Service (QOS) parameters like usability, performance, scalability and interoperability

• Application Management – Provide a vast range of support services for multiple platforms and technologies

• Application Modernisation – Assist latest legacy systems to empower mitigate risk, flexibility, decrease disruption, and lower price

• Application Portfolio Management – Assist you settle on a portfolio strategy and then evaluate and control the portfolio on an daily basis

• Application Maintenance – Boost your current IT applications via , maintainability analysis, maintenance, offshore-ability analysis and augmentation

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• Solution Architecture Definition – Characterized the solution architecture needed to implement business solutions to reach business needs, and assure ethat the solutions are aligned with the enterprise architecture

• Packaged Application Services – Assist you automate your value chain via off-the-shelf application packages. We empower you to intake value through various and configurable package-centric solutions

• Performance Engineering and Enhancement – Improve the scalability and performance of applications across the technology stack and application lifecycle

• SOA Realisation – Assist industries develop, design, test, and deploy services to know a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

• Testing and Validation Services – Assist customers over industry verticals design a Quality Assurance (QA) enterprise via a blend of varied models, providing to address the modified technology landscape, and fresh engagement models

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