Manage Employee Leaves With Odoo Time Off App

Odoo ERP assists to handle leaving in a simple method with a Time-Off Module. Time off module which offers calendar view and Gantt view assists to obtain a clear picture of leaves captured in a week and a month. Odoo time off app has included a new feature to this by including the Year tab. This will permit us to calculate the leave taken during a year.

Handle All Leave Requests From Your Employees Using Odoo Time Off App

Maintain track of the vacation days utilized by every employee. Employees register their requests and managers sanction and confirm them, everything in merely a few clicks. Accordingly the schedule of every employee is updated.

Managers obtain a view of their entire team leaves in one entire view, to maintain the team well-organized and to smoothly forecast the allocation of tasks throughout the absence of their personnel.

Odoo Time Off App

Odoo Time Off Provides Simple Reporting Tool

Establish reports in just a click for each leave request, with information for each request type, department, employee, and even for the entire company. Obtain statistics on the leaves and schedule for the forthcoming to ensure you maintain productivity to its greatest level.

Features Of Odoo Time Off App

Odoo Time Off App
Employee requests

Permit your employees to register requests itself, and receive notification for every new request

Odoo Time Off App
Sanction or refuse requests

Respond to your employee requests in merely a click. Utilize the green button for sanctioned and calculated leaves. Utilize the grey button for pending leaves that will be afterwards managed.

Odoo Time Off App
Add comment

Introduce a note to your consent or rejection to add details for your employees.

Odoo Time Off App
Add allocations

Establish the volume of leaves allotted per capita to permit your employees to register their leaves in accordance with their allocation.

Odoo Time Off App
Customize leaves type

Generate new sorts of leaves for uncommon situations.

Odoo Time Off App
Manage each level

Permit managers to manage requests for their personal team and review all requests yourself.

Odoo Time Off App
Personal Dashboard

A wonderful dashboard for employees to view their own account, supervisors for their teams, and administrators for the complete company.

Odoo Time Off App
Gantt Chart view

Obtain the planning of your entire team, for the day, week, month and year to obtain a clear summary of your team’s accessibility.

Odoo Time Off App
Calendar view

Schedule ahead and maintain an eye on your team’s approachability for the day, the week and the month in an apparent calendar.

Odoo Time Off App

Obtain stats on the quantity of leaves respectively, per department and per leave sort, and in merely a click export them in PDF.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

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Yes, you can check the employees complete details like account details, managers for the team in one dashboard.

Yes, you add comments regarding approval or rejection.