Odoo Online Appointments APP

Administering business appointments and meetings are significant for every business. Odoo has a different module for administering appointments. This application assists all to establish and administer appointments in an effortless manner. With the Calendar Module in Odoo this module is incorporated. Odoo Appointment module perhaps utilized for dissimilar enterprise goals to organize meetings or contact among the customer and the company. This Odoo application assists the user to plan meetings in an effective manner in easy steps.

Benefits Of Odoo Online Appointments Module

  • The module allows you to plan appointments and evade dual bookings that save the customers' time.
  • Handle every appointment automatically and evade keeping manual registers.
  • You can establish slots according to your comfort.
  • The cost can be administered according to the group or individual style through appointees.
  • The cost of the appointees are added automatically although generating the appointment.
  • Automatically administers every appointment and avert working manually.
  • The calendar view allows you to maintain the follow of the appointment schedules for the complete month that preserves time.
  • Characteristics are included in the default calendar view that improves the functionality and makes you include more details.
  • Every appointee can be established in Odoo itself and evade discrepancy.
Odoo Online Appointments APP

A Self-Service Booking System That Operates 24/7 Online.

Allow your clientele to fix appointments for oneself at their comfort (also outside company hours!) directly into your calendar. On your portal embed your meeting links, in your email signature, or using social media and view your schedule fill up smoothly.

Odoo Online Appointments APP

Your clients can select the meeting kind and the person they wish to have the meeting with.

Odoo Online Appointments APP

They choose their preferable time slot depending on your convenience.

Odoo Online Appointments APP

Automatically the event is saved in your calendar and two parties obtain an email confirmation.

Show Real-Time Availability Only Using Odoo Online Appointments App

Establish your working hours daily and personalize time-slot intervals for utmost flexibility. Systematize your schedule with Google Calendar to block accessibility at the same time and in real-time when events are established.

Avoid Staff Productivity Using Odoo Online Appointments Module

Transmit automated reminders for email/SMS to guarantee that your clients won’t overlook their appointment. Permit them to include the meeting to their calendar in a single click. If they are unable to make it, they can still rearrange depending on your availability!

Odoo Online Appointments APP

Providing Top Notch Customer Service

Depending on business requirements, configure your intake forms and gather everything you require to know regarding your prospects in advance directly in your mailbox.

Odoo Online Appointments APP

Features Of Odoo Appointments App

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Online Scheduling

Allow your customers to schedule meetings merely in some clicks, depending on their availability.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Easy Sharing

Personalize a meeting link and send it through email, on social media or via your portal.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
No More Headache

Allow customers rescheduling in just a click, automatise reminders, synchronize with teams calendars, and so forth.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Individual Appointments Type

Establish your personal meeting link and allow your prospect to select among your available time slots.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
SMS/Email Reminders

Automatise email and/or SMS reminders to diminish no-shows.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Cancellation / Modification

Permit your customers to revoke or change meetings as per your own terms.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Team Appointment Type

Exhibit mixed availability through a team and allow your prospect to fix a meeting with whoever is accessible.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Slots Management

Determine diverse slots and allow customers to fix meetings depending on your priorities and accessibilities.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Sync with Your Calendar

Synchronize with your cell phone (Android) automatically or desktop calendar application.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Mobile Friendly

Allow customers to plan meetings from their cell phone with Odoo's responsive user interface.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
No Double Booking

Immediately a time slot is booked, it will be eliminated from your calendar.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Multi Timezones

Fix meetings throughout diverse timezones and allow the platform to transform hours for you.

Odoo Online Appointments APP

Personalize appointment pages, configuration options such as cancellation and rearranging deadlines, etc.

Odoo Online Appointments APP
Customize Scheduling & Availability

Establish custom appointment period, accessibility and stuffing among appointments

How Kalibroida Will Help You

Kaliborida has been working in Odoo applications for the past so many years. And after offering satisfactory services to our clients we have gained a reputation in the market. Our highly expert team assists every client personally and fulfills their requirements. We make sure that our every client first understands the need of the Odoo online appointment App and then implement uit in their business.


Yes , you can assign meetings to the correct person depending on languages, kind of request and people's accessibility.

Each customer can fix a meeting in their own language.