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Enterprise Content Managementx

Agencies depend heavily on their Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to power their enterprise and deliver precious information. Aware of the ways to get the most from ECM solutions is a hard challenge for any corporation, and maximum are unaware that they're not the use of their latest solutions to their complete ability. Kalibroida aim on locating modern approaches to get maximum out of present ECM solutions, whilst assisting guide businesses to make the excellent investments for future boom and obtain a most return at a minimal fee. By means of combining content and methods, businesses can dramatically diminish risk, lessen procedure charges, higher interact with customers, personnel, and companions, and rework information into insight.

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ECM Centers of Excellence x

Kalibroida has mounted its ECM center of Excellence and practice to construct internal competency, methods, partnerships, and satisfactory practices. We've got vast experience in providing ECM solutions and services to put into effect techniques, solutions, and technology for management of information throughout all the important verticals. Kalibroida ECM center of Excellence trained in advising, architecting, and enforcing content management solutions with the use of various main products throughout various enterprise verticals with sturdy community of professionals with purposeful, domain, and technical know-how.

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Kalibroida enterprise content management (ECM) center of Excellence (CoE) is created with the vision of permitting customers to capitalize on their business statistics. ECM facilitates clients to transform and share records to derive significant facts for making business decisions and devising business strategies for optimizing operations. Our ECM CoE has proven ability in enforcing business software program structures that deliver powerful enterprise solutions. It additionally makes proper use of the expertise that rests with the diverse specialized verticals in Kalibroida. This offer advantage our customers at the same time as imposing organization software solutions for industry-precise organizations.

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ECM COE Highlights:x

  • COE Readiness Assessment
  • Technical support and managed services
  • COE Planning and Roadmap
  • Consulting, reviewing, and strategy development
  • System integration services with HRMS and CRM software, ERP and BI platforms
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Future Projections
  • Business requirements development
  • Capabilities Matrix Development

The practices of ours will let you outline ECM techniques, help in technology evaluation and hints, scoping requirements, layout and enforce solutions, and even construct ECM CoE to exhibit the ECM business cost and drive adoption throughout the enterprise.

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Expert Services x

Enterprise content management (ECM) services from Kalibroida assist you to become aware of the proper-fit solutions, consolidate techniques, and permit you to make selections quicker whilst addressing document control, records control, web content material management, digital asset management, and BPM. Those services help businesses meet business continuity, method integration, and compliance necessities. We assist to boom the process effectiveness with system automation, reduce resources expenses via unification and cloud applications, boom continuity, and recover faster from sudden activities and hastily resume operations, and mitigate information safety risks by way of meeting compliance requirements.
Kalibroida offers end-to-cease offerings for ECM products and custom built answers to assist maximize the go back of funding and control the content lifecycle inside your agency. Our integrated services can help you manipulate demanding situations of large records growth, complicated enterprise processes, new protection constraints, and aggressive pressures. All of this whilst presenting higher customer support, compliance, and fee eventualities.
Kalibroida gives end to end services for ECM products and custom constructed solutions to assist higher the investment return and arrange the content lifecycle inside your agency. Our included services will let you manage challenges of big information boom, complicated enterprise methods, new safety restraint, and competitive pressures. All of this even as presenting better customer support, compliance, and cost eventualities.

ECM Servicesx

Our ECM services include:
  • Consulting
  • Migration and Upgrades
  • Implementation/ Development
  • Support

Consulting - The purpose of our ECM consulting services is to expand a roadmap for implementing content management throughout an companies by limiting the number of gear used even as minimizing and centralizing aid. Our strategic assessment and technical consulting services consciousness on how to constantly improve “interactions” that bring about extra revenue and client’s loyalty.

Kalibroida’s ECM Consulting Services Include:
  • ECM Strategy
  • Product Evaluation & Selection
  • Business Case and Specific Company Recommendations
  • Enterprise Search Strategy
  • Solution Architecture & Design
  • Platform Migration Strategy
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ECM Needs Assessment and Implementation Roadmap x

Throughout the requirement assessment section, Kalibroida conclude the requirement of each enterprise technique or enterprise application throughout the 5 awesome stages of a content life cycle:
The application Roadmap segment analyzes the statistics captured in the course of the needs assessment section for you to perceive the desired ECM technology components. Kalibroida ECM approach services are added by means of consultants with demonstrated expertise in not only effective content management software, however also in related technologies including safety, networking, storage, integration, and net applications.
Implementation / Development - Kalibroida ECM advancement /application services are generally based on entrenched software development methods supported by using awesome practices unique to content management solutions and product, and delivered by certified and trained specialists. These services are assured to cater to every organization unique business requirement and offer maximum effects at some point of every level of an ECM assignment.

Kalibroida ECM Implementation and Development Services Methodology Overview

1. Scoping x

  • Project goals and objectives
  • Project planning
  • Hosting options
  • Capture high level requirements
  • Platform options
  • Requirement prioritization
  • Access options
  • Effort, schedule and cost estimation

2. Analysis x

  • Elaborate requirements
  • Content Migration Strategy
  • Capacity, Performance, and Security Planning
  • Standards compliance
  • Content Creation Process & Lifecycle
  • Planning for Integration
  • Technical feasibility matrix (OOB v/s custom)

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3. Designx

  • Information Architecture & Taxonomy
  • Reporting
  • User Experience / User Interface Design
  • Hardware Sizing
  • Authoring and Presentation templates
  • Administration
  • Workflows
  • Media Management
  • Search
  • Security
  • System Architecture

4. Blueprint Iterationx

  • Implement key requirements to validate architecture and design
  • Test content migration approach
  • Benchmark usability and performance
  • Reassess effort, schedule and cost
  • Establish “Factory Model” for future iterations
  • Environment setup

5. Iteration x

  • Develop and unit test
  • Content Migration
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Integration and System testing

6. Support x

  • End user and IT Training
  • End user outreach program
  • Final Transition to client team
  • Set up L1, L2 and L3 support services
  • Prepare Governance Model

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Kalibroida ECM Implementation and Development Services Methodology Overview

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Migration and Upgrades x

The Kalibroida ECM upgrade & Migration services is in particular crafted to deal with migrations from one product to some other, or improvement of version between products. Kalibroida’s product partnerships supply us first-hand information of product modifications and updated features, well earlier than our customers do, enabling us to uncover the problems properly before we embark on any migration or upgrade initiative. This also gives us the gain of understanding how first-class emigrate both out-of-the-box capabilities and customizations and in a few cases, what cannot be migrated. Kalibroida eliminates the risk and surprise factors of migration/upgrade tasks in advance, allowing IT to supply on their commitments to enterprise.

Support x

Constant renovation of essential communique and interaction channels between your corporation and its customers is important for achievement. The explicit impact of not being able to accomplish that can damage standard business and subsequently cause your company to lose credibility.Searching the right associate with the specific capabilities, device, and techniques on your system, guarantees most efficiency.

Kalibroida provide a broad range of activities as part of our support services portfolio, including: x

Product Services:
  • Environment Setup
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Periodic Health Check
  • Backup and Restore
  • Patch Management
Application Services:
  • Application Enhancement
  • Application Maintenance
  • Custom scripts to support bulk activities
    • Tagging
    • Export
    • User Profile updates
    • Content import
    • Permission modifications
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we help you to build you own custom kiosk application

Innovations x

Search as a Service
TeamSite as a Platform
ECM advanced from niche solutions for management of documents, information control and workflow. Over the years, new skills had been added and included, such as superior search capabilities, automated enterprise policies, community get entry to, and new styles of records. This has given organizations the capability to effectively manage many types of content across the agency. Effective content management cannot be completed via technology alone. Innovation in addressing issues is a vital requirement for any ECM implementation to take benefit of the brand new generation. This integrated method is what makes ECM this type of effective tool.
Organization search has particularly been a problem in the content management equation. The capacity to store and categorize facts intuitively and in a user friendly manner, and make that information clean to retrieve later, has been considered one of several missing portions in the ECM market. An sensible agency seek platform which delivers secure, applicable, correct, and well timed solutions and insight to find new sales, create specific clients experience, improve selection making, and rework the manner organizations resolve enterprise problems is what makes for a real innovation. Kalibroida, with its expanded ‘ search as a service’ solution, assist business take a proactive approach to constructing their content.

Thinking about web content control (WCM) as a subset of business content management, which in turn additionally consists of report management, digital asset management and records management, nonetheless stays apparent from other ECM components in the way it functions inside the company. WCM lets in personalization of content material at the group or individual stage and localization to deliver content in various languages and adapt it to specific cultures. To assist businesses meet a wide variety of WCM needs, Kalibroida has designed ‘TeamSite as a Platform’ which permits clean multichannel digital studies, web page layout, format, wealthy media control, and analytics.
Take benefits of a fresh generation of creative solutions and practices to completely change your ECM environment with Kalibroida’s proven and transformative ECM solutions.
Search as a Service - Research indicates that internet site search is a key part of using conversations and conversions. Poor capability and content digression pushes 80% of users to desert the website online, with no conversion and unsatisfied visitor. While your organization’s treasured IT group helps the internet site via setting the standards to make the content “searchable”, they in many instances forget about some key business choices:

  • Which different pieces of content are related to one another?
  • How should you be judging the relevancy of results and suggested results that help site navigation, and ultimately customer conversions?
  • What content should be promoted with other content or offers?
  • What terms are synonymous with certain key words?

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we help you to build you own custom kiosk application

Kalibroida search as a provider is both a service and a solution in order to enable you to meet specific business outcomes and increase conversions. Key benefits to using Search as a Service include:

  • Giving answers and real results to what the visitor is looking for, not how-to find the answer.
  • Making marketing via search virtually automatic, and allow Marketers to own that process so the relevancy and business value are always front and center.
  • Enriching visitor’s ability to find things faster using the search box.
  • Personalizing visitor’s site UI experiences.
The service will clarify and speed up the unification of HP Site Search with your website and web applications.

TeamSite as a Platform x

Many customers employ integrated the HP TeamSite solution are unaware they're bypassing the exponential fee supplied integrated product with the aid of not using and experiencing the total variety of talents. Many cases display that organizations are using the platform to have a basic lack of understanding at the new characteristics consolidated in the solution itself, or do now not understand a way to built-in with different HP products and 3rd party supplements to deliver prolonged abilities.
Kalibroida’s comprehensive experience integrated and built-information of diverse merchandise and technology makes it possible to built-in the correct blend of solutions to accomplish all of your ECM and website optimization desires.
Kalibroida’s TeamSite as a Platform concept is created to gibe knowledge and help TeamSite clients on how to use and enforce the new levels of the product’s maturity and set up TeamSite as a single platform to be able to provide content for any platform and device (website, ecommerce, CRM).

we help you to build you own custom kiosk application
we help you to build you own custom kiosk application

Business Benefits x

  • Reduction in development time by 30% – 60%
  • End users advantages, since they can now await a consistent user experience across tools of their choice
  • Significant reduction in time from content creation to publishing, since the number of pages and components to be created are minimized or eliminated
  • Reducing administration and maintenance due to fewer moving parts and fewer break points

Products x

Enterprise content management products provide a higher manner to manage paper and digital content from innovation to retention to conversion. They capture, save and share documents either with the aid of cloud or on-premise . Almost all corporations have a mass of unstructured records: MS phrase, Excel, PowerPoint, layout files, client interaction records and so on. These constitute a key business information asset proper from collecting, coping with and making those available to supply sizable value addition to an employer.

Solutions x

Kalibroida ECM services provide inclusive and integrated solution to fulfill the growing challenges. The requirement for content solution inside company is necessary, regardless of size or location of activity. employer content management (ECM) solution assist organizations channel their content to acquire value in enterprise activities. Companies in all industries want solutions which can assist personnel pass away from paper, recognition on what’s vital, and feature the right content after they need it to make the right selections. Kalibroida ECM services provide a centralized method to create, seize, arrange and get access to your enterprise’s complete business ecosystem.
The Kalibroida organization customer management solution enables service providers upgrade profitability from the business enterprise zone, handing over a differentiating experience that targets the sectors unique needs for a high standard of dedication. Content solution not only assist in coping with, but also help in automating key enterprise methods, thereby lowering time, overhead, and dependency on group members across the breadth and length of activities inside and outside the organization. Content solution have matured to encompass the social functions and different talents that permit collaboration that make content management less complicated.

we help you to build you own custom kiosk application
we help you to build you own custom kiosk application

Digital Asset Management x

Digital Asset Management (DAM) facilitates businesses prepare wealthy media property together with photos, images, video, and audio for retrieval, storage and distribution. Above just an asset repository, DAM offers help for key workflows along with approval loops and digital collaboration that give value to their media belongings. Whilst property are final, a DAM machine’s distribution competencies can install the proper file(s) for the proper task – all on a global basis. Organizations use DAM most often for the following business scenarios:

  • Brand Asset Management Systems –DAM solutions aims at encouraging the re-application of content within huge companies.
  • Production Asset Management Systems –DAM solutions aims at the organization, storage, and work flow and amendment control of repeatedly modifying digital assets.
  • Library Asset Management Systems –DAM solutions aims at retrieval and storage of huge amounts of assets that are ‘historical’ in nature and don’t get modified repeatedly.
  • Learning Asset Management Systems – Digital Asset Management solutions aims at maintaining, managing and reusing assets that are part of training material.

Benefits of DAM x

Organizations deploying specialized Digital Asset Management solutions experience the following benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Global web-based access
  • Brand and messaging continuity
Find out more on how a Digital Asset Management solution can give advantage to your organization! Contact info@kalibroida.com

we help you to build you own custom kiosk application
we help you to build you own custom kiosk application

Enterprise Search x

Over the past decade, search engines have emerge above keyword based matching and retrieval. A real company class search services should grant an organization to approach virtually any data and excerpt high value at each step in which the data is deplete. This kind of platform will allow your agency to inquire (seek your records), investigate (examine your facts), have interaction (customize your data) and improve (upgrade your records).

    Benefits Of An Enterprise Search Solution
    • Increased customer conversion and loyalty –By merging search analytics as a comments loop into your website, eCommerce solution, CRM or different line of enterprise applications, it's miles viable to offer ability and existing clients with the reviews that they decide upon and thereby increase the charge of conversion and loyalty.
    • Support Center cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction – Offer clients service representatives with the correct solutions, primarily based on minimal real time inputs received from clients. This not only decrease the service time and cost to service client calls, but additionally without delay contributes to multiplied satisfaction of consumers.
    • Increased Knowledge Worker productivity –By offering employees quick access to the most up-to-date information, they are capable to make informed decisions.

Most companies search solutions get unsuccessful in delivering their complete potential not because of restraints in search software, but due to a lack of ability and proven processes.
On how to construct or upgrade your business search solution. Contact us at info@kalibroida.com
Web Experience Management
Kalibroida acknowledge web experience management to be a key enterprise practice that enhance an corporation’s technique to relating to its audiences by means of information how content is obtained and how that influences both the consumer and the employer. Allow by means of a range of technologies which include web content management, dynamic content delivery, personalization, , analytics and optimization, and rising device for social computing, WEM specializes in continually altering knowledge of users engagements into actionable insights.

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WEM Realization:
A strong business content management platform helps content concentrated on,multichannel integration, layout flexibility, and responsive layout. Most significantly, feedback mechanism and effective size can be leveraged to supply a WEM solution.

Benefits of WEM

  • Boost income and clients satisfaction by offering customers with fascinating experiences and meaningful information.
  • Recognize achievable process advancement for upgrading marketing and support efficiency.
  • Transform online transactions into actionable insights.
  • Achieve competitive benefit by adjusting IT and enterprise digital strategies, processes and technologies.

For further information about WEM or conclude how WEM can give advantage to your organization, Contact info@kalibroida.com

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