Odoo Appraisals App

Odoo platform has a distinct employee appraisal module which has been determined to handle the operations. This module operation has been interrelated to the other Human resource management situations of the Odoo. Thus, offering users the essential data during the approval procedure.

Strengthen Your Company's Key Asset : Employees With Odoo Appraisal App

 Odoo Appraisals App
Easy Follow-Up

Certainly view the appraisal rank for every employee or for the complete company

 Odoo Appraisals App
Clear Calendar View

Maintain track of forthcoming evaluations and transmit reminders to respondents

 Odoo Appraisals App
Exportable Answers

Shift all assessments into a printable PDF form.

Build The Right Appraisal With Odoo Appraisal App

Establish the correct survey to gather your employees' answers. Develop your own templates or select from current ones. Handle numerous sorts of evaluations: bottom-up, self-evaluations, top-down, and ultimate evaluation by the manager. Permit employees establish evaluations themselves to transmit them to their managers, subordinates, and juniors.

Use Templates Or Create Them Your Way With Odoo Appraisal App

Generate your own surveys to collect significant details and/or considerations from your employees. Rapidly add queries, edit pages and formulate a helpful survey, utilizing excellent built-in templates or building your own design from starting. Change current surveys into templates to utilize and change them later. Verify your surveys before broadcasting them: obtain them examined by supervisors, managers, or other employees and allow them add comments previously completing the surveys. You can also establish numerous surveys for every evaluation step to transmit them to diverse people.

 Odoo Appraisals App

Make Sure Evaluations Stick To The Schedule Using Odoo Appraisal App

Establish evaluation plans with a transparent schedule to create interview requests automatically. Determine the employee, level or department in the ranking which can respond to your surveys and enable managers to examine the content and conclude the evaluation.

 Odoo Appraisals App

Features of Odoo Appraisal App

 Odoo Appraisals App
Create appraisal plans

Establish numerous plans for every department. Generate diverse phases, and include custom actions and types to set up your appraisals correctly.

 Odoo Appraisals App
Sort appraisals

Filter and arrange appraisals by deadline, employee, status, appreciation and decide name to obtain a clear summary of evaluations.

 Odoo Appraisals App
Organize interviews

Smoothly configure who should get a form. Specify & choose forms by role. Administer evaluation schedule with phases. Seek interviews for particular levels of your appraisal plan and for every employee. Follow interviews and structure reminders in the calendar view.

 Odoo Appraisals App
Design surveys

Utilize current templates to rapidly establish surveys or plan your own surveys from the starting. Establish several surveys for every step of the evaluation procedure.

 Odoo Appraisals App
Create templates

Turn current surveys into templates to smoothly utilize them again or personalize current ones.

 Odoo Appraisals App
Test surveys

Verify your surveys with manager and/or colleagues before sharing them out to other employees. Inquire for comments and reviews to flawless the content.

 Odoo Appraisals App
Export answers

Change any evaluation packed by employees into a PDF form which can at that time be printed immediately.

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Permit Odoo to send emails and demands for evaluation to every employee in accordance with the schedule that was established in the evaluation plan automatically .

Yes, with the help of existing templates you can create surveys or even construct your own survey from the beginning.