Connect With Your Community With Odoo Forum App

The platform of Odoo permits the users to establish forums on topics of debate and queries in the module of eLearning of the platform. Relevant to the courses available the users can post discussion topics and can lead a discussion with the students on the questions subscribing to the course. The questions can even be presented by the students in which every other one can post answers and recommendations comprising the tutor. The platform permits the users to create the karma points of every student participating in the Q&A or the discussions.

What Can We Achieve With the Help of Odoo Forum?

odoo forums
Gain More Traffic to Your Portal

Discussions are indexed and findable through search engines.

Aim for more keywords and enhance your SEO with fresh content generated by your community daily. Search engines such as Google are constantly profitable websites that offer special and constant content.

odoo forums
Predict Your Customers’ Requirements

Position and grab advantage of the trendy topics.

Maintain a trail of your customers’ requirements and wishes by studying the latest, most searched and maximum shared topics. The forum is incorporated with Google Analytics to assist you maintain a track of shares and likes and also outside of your portal.

odoo forums
Construct Your Personal Documentation Library

Reutilize extraordinary answers from your community

Into official documentation bend the best answers in click of a button with the tool known as ‘Promote to documentation’.

Provide Your Visitors the Details They Require

Promote association and create perceptive discussions

Place your portal as a trustworthy source of data and resolve your visitors’ issues by offering them the information they require. Guarantee everybody gains advantage from the discussions and answers created and turns proficient in your particular field.

Offer Remarkable Customer Satisfaction

Enhance your product support and diminish your volume of work

Better than a FAQ or helpline section, a forum will permit your clientele to inquire questions and discover answers rapidly, excluding time wastage on the phone, helps save money! It’s the most strong database you can discover. Your staff and your complete community will take part!

odoo forums

Hold Your Community Engaged With the Relevance of Your Content

Utilize motivational triggers to recompense your contributors

You can give badges to your members for their answers, shares, questions, likes and votes to compensate the most active ones. Establish a mitigation system with Karma points to offer access to more functionalities to your most active members and to diminish spamming messages.

odoo forums

Features of Odoo Forums

odoo forums
Improve Discussion

Embed images and videos to your messages.

odoo forums
Email Gateway

Directly from your mailbox, answer any follow-up email

odoo forums
Start Discussions

Obtain and share perceptive data and advice on all topics.

odoo forums
Share Link

Propose intriguing content from any portal to the complete community and begin usual discussions threads.

odoo forums
Edit & Correct

Enhance your posted questions, answers and comments even though you have already published them.

odoo forums

With the help of categories of topics offer systematic and simply accessible content.

odoo forums
Intelligent Answers Layout

Maintain related answers collectively in a threaded forum.

odoo forums
Promote Content

Position the maximum viewed posts and the finest rated answers above of the page

odoo forums

By making participants registration compulsory, evade one-time participants and spam.

odoo forums
Upvote / Downvote Answers

To offer the best ones high visibility, members rate the quality of the contributions.

odoo forums
Embed Images

From your computer load images or from a portal and position them within your text.

odoo forums
Allow Badges

With badges give rewards to your active contributors as per their participation.

odoo forums
Karma Points

Offer members points for involvement to maintain them active and provide them access to latest functionalities.

odoo forums
Give Access to Additional Tools

Enable access to functions such as comment, edit and vote when participants attain a particular degree of Karma.

odoo forums
Profile Personalization

A profile can be created by members to display their work and knowledge.


Yes you can insert text styles such as italic, headers, bold,etc. with the easy WYSIWYG editor.

Yes you do by subscribing to intriguing content and receiving email alerts when any latest answer is posted.

Position the maximum viewed posts and the finest rated answers above the page.

Yes you can by organizing by last activity date, latest, relevance, maximum answered, maximum voted