Odoo Documents App

It is a module for building, administering and seeing document files straight within Odoo. DMS is only the foundation for an complete ecosystem of apps that broaden and smoothly incorporate the document management system.

This module includes portal practicality for directories and files for permitted users, both portal or inside users. You can obtain a tokenized link from a file or a directory for sending it with any unidentified user.

With Odoo Documents App, You Can Easily Share, Send, Categorize, And Archive Scanned Documents

The Odoo document assists in the time and effort saving process. You can simply do every needed functionality with this App regarding documents sharing, personalization or scanning it. One app and all your work is done !

Odoo Documents App

Make Your Work Paperless: Using Odoo Documents App

Odoo Documents App
Simplify your workflow

Enjoy the benefit of a completely incorporated authorization, control, and approval process, with chatter, action rules and activities to ensure everything gets completed by the correct person at the correct time.

Odoo Documents App
Email gateway

Utilizing the email gateway, bills are developed from a document that is being scanned or straight from your email of the vendor automatically.

Odoo Documents App
Collaborate with your team and clients

Allot documents to your fellow workers, clients, or vendors. Send files and public folders with your customers, and allow them to directly import documents.

Odoo Documents App
Seamless work with Sign

Save your time printing and scanning documents that other people have to sign. Rather, allot them to the correct person, receive them e-signed, and have them share straight back.

Odoo Documents App
Process documents in batch

Function in batch by asking for approvals, modifying folders, tagging and allotting various files at once on the contrary of one by one.

Odoo Documents App
Integrated with Odoo Apps

Documents incorporated with related Odoo Apps. Follow versions of schemes and worksheets with PLM, build your vendor bills in single click with the assistance of our AI in Accounting or establish tasks from particular documents.

Features Of Odoo Documents App

Odoo Documents App

Preview online most file formats such as: videos, PDF and images.

Odoo Documents App

Talk on documents, build next activities or ping people to follow activities to do on a document.

Odoo Documents App

Load daily files, or build documents as links (such as Google Doc files)

Odoo Documents App
Owners & Contacts

Allot documents to customers/vendors, users, or Odoo documents ( task, invoices, product.

Odoo Documents App

Hierarchical folders permits to determine workspace having their own group of tags and actions

Odoo Documents App

Establish various tags to framework documents each folder

Odoo Documents App

Documents connected to resources (invoices, tasks) are incorporated in the document management system

Odoo Documents App
Easy filters

Determine your own filters, and secure the frequently utilized ones into preferred filters you can send with other users

Odoo Documents App
Split PDFs

Split various-pages PDFs into numerous documents; extremely beneficial when in batches you scan documents.

Odoo Documents App
Work in Batch

Preview, launch or tag actions on a group of documents right away, to function in batches.

Odoo Documents App

Capability to archive or eradicate documents. As a security, you have to record a document, prior to deleting it.

Odoo Documents App
Access Rights

Access rights are simply personalized for every folder.

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Yes, though DMS you can easily lock any document that is meant to be accessed by specific people.

Yes, you can chat.