Odoo Online Signatures App

Odoo Digital Signature is a rapid method to send, sign and confirm your company’s documents. Odoo Sign module is also available in Enterprise version, you can organize contracts by blocks dragging and dropping to be finished by the opponent parties, signature submission requests in a few seconds and follow status of the documents that have been sent.

Signeasy Electronic Signature Solution : Odoo Online Signatures App

It’s easy with Odoo to send, sign and approve documents online. Now the documentation process has become easy and fast through Odoo apps.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Cut costs

Leave aside the worry of hidden costs such as scanning, printing, faxing, copying, shredding, and posting. All the things are accessible online from every device. Never lose significant documents again.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Save time

Save time and avoid the unnecessary wait time for days or even weeks to get the documents signed by the parties. With Odoo close your deals with a single click.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Reduce errors

Eradicate manual operations and enhance the quality of the documents completed and signed. Guarantee parts that need a signature are signed.

Go Paperless To Increase ROI

Odoo Sign is a speedy and suitable method to share, sign, and confirm documents. Get ready the contracts by blocks dragging & dropping to be finished by the parties, signature submission requests in just a few minutes, and follow the position of sent documents.

Eliminate All Risks with Odoo Online Signatures App

Odoo Online Signatures App
Protect Identification

Every interaction on the documents are encoded to make sure only sanctioned people can have the accessibility of the content and that the document.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Documents Integrity

Odoo maintains the authoritative document in check every time. Every activity on the document (read, sign, etc.) is encoded to guarantee document immutability. There is an availability of an audit log report to every party at every time.

Odoo Online Signatures App
100% Legal

Documents signed with the help of Odoo Sign are legitimate electronic signatures in US ESIGN Act and EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS), in. They even fulfill the needs for electronic signatures in the majority of the countries.

Odoo Online Signatures Module : Ways To Truly Support Your Workflow

Odoo Online Signatures App
Sales & operations

Enhance win rates and diminish the sales cycle by automatizing the procedure of signing of your contracts. Enhance your relationships with clientele.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Human resources & staffing

Enhance hiring procedure and communication with applicants by sharing electronic assessment forms and employment contracts.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Tax & accounting / administration

Simply maintain a track of every document, hold up and process. Remain systematic at every time with every document electronically available at hand.

Features Of Odoo Online Signatures App

Odoo Online Signatures App
Create documents from templates

Personalized the editable sectors in the PDF with the drag & drop operation. By utilizing templates, automate repeated signatures with the purpose of saving time and being more useful.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Multiple signatures

Create a document to be signed in public and permit to sign his own copy by everyone excluding any additional action on your part.

Odoo Online Signatures App

Determine the role of every person engaged in a process of transaction signing and share the correct version subject to the place of the person who'll sign.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Carbon copy

Send your signed document automatically to a 3rd-party assigned as “follower”.

Odoo Online Signatures App

Stay cool regarding saving your documents further. When utilizing eSign, all the documents are archived on your personal server.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Automatically send final documents to all parties

Each recipient gets a copy straight to his mailbox, when your document is efficiently completed,

Odoo Online Signatures App
See the progress of your document

Obtain a complete view of your templates, ongoing process of signatures and completely signed documents.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Notifications and alerts

Get status notifications and obtain alerts as early as the documents are signed.

Odoo Online Signatures App
Compatible with any device

Gather electronic signatures on the move with your Android, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices

Odoo Online Signatures App
In-Person signing

Allow your client to draw his signature straight onto your screen.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

Kalibroida is here to resolve your every query related to Odoo applications and the team of experts will be there with you all the time in the implementation process of the application. We are completely professional and believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our every client. So, when you are looking to know about Odoo apps or wish to execute the same in your business, do get in touch with us.


Yes, you will receive the notification as well as status alerts.

No, Odoo is compatible with every device.