Use Powerful SMS Marketing Tool With Odoo

SMS plays an essential part in marketing. SMS Marketing as a device of interaction can enable to increase the markets, take into account that a few emails are not at all much utilized or never even used in several countries.

As this method has an enormous open-rate percentage among people who utilize mobile phones, SMS Marketing in Odoo will certainly aid you to enhance the conversation rate.

On the contrary, this app allows the users to grow, send and analyse SMS messages or automatically. Furthermore, the SMS Marketing app provides another level of perceiving functionality such as the Social Media app, which assists you to hold tabs on your campaigns and its achievement.

SMS Are Faster Than Emails And Have The Ideal Open Rate

Do you require you to remember your attendees regarding your event in future? Do you have a flicker promotion that ends five hours? Go for an SMS campaign!

Although the best email campaigns can perch untouched in numerous inboxes, and for a long time, SMSs appear straight in your contacts’ pockets, with nearly unqualified conviction that they will be unlocked and read in the following minute.

Odoo SMS Marketing App

Schedule Your Email Marketing Campaigns Using Odoo Email Marketing App

And allow Odoo to do the function for you.

Get ready for your every SMS campaign and plan them to be sent subsequently. Odoo controls the sending for you, it implies that you don’t have to be linked for your campaign to be disseminated out to the global!

Odoo SMS Marketing App

Starting From 0.01€ Per SMS

There is something different regarding handling SMS Campaigns that you are going to love: the pricing. For instance, transmitting an SMS to the United States will cost you 0.0108 credit. The credits can be bought straight from inside the app.

Optimize Technical Details Using Odoo SMS App

We abbreviate links for you, to restrict the size of your SMSs. Nevertheless that’s not it: link trackers are incorporated by default, to supervise the click rates, and to evaluate the profits created from your SMS campaign.

Odoo SMS Marketing App

Features Of Odoo SMS App

Odoo SMS Marketing App
Import Contacts

From any CSV or Excel document, import your contacts to Odoo.

Odoo SMS Marketing App
Create Contact lists

Section your subscribers by including them to one or numerous contact lists. You can even choose the contacts in your database and aim your clientele and leads as the recipients of your campaign.

Odoo SMS Marketing App

Allow Odoo to send messages automatically at the right time by scheduling a time and date for your campaign.

Odoo SMS Marketing App
Campaign Testing

Before launching the campaign to your whole contact list, first send yourself a test SMS.

Odoo SMS Marketing App

From the list the recipients of a contact list can unsubscribe with a link added in the messages.

Odoo SMS Marketing App

With a link added in the messages the addressees of a campaign that aimed an Odoo database’s contacts can unsubscribe from every SMSs.

Odoo SMS Marketing App
Send SMSs To Your Contacts

A fresh action button is included in your Contacts app. With it, you can choose various contacts and send an SMS to each of them.

Odoo SMS Marketing App
Buy Credits For SMS In-App

The SMSs sent by you are paid with credits that you can purchase straight from the app.


Trace final undelivered SMSs and obtain notification regarding why they failed.

Share the links you wish to trace by building a short link that adds analytics trackers and obtain an entire view of the links’ performances on a committed dashboard.