Odoo ERP Development Services

Kalibroida is one of the leading companies of Odoo development offering Odoo development services to carry a new level of adaptability to your business. Appreciate the special power of Odoo to add easy yet powerful solutions as you develop. Kalibroida, construct odoo erp development solutions and let your business grow with it.

Why Use Odoo ERP?


Odoo is one of the greatest ERP software for companies who desire ERP to be personalized as per their particular business needs. Additionally, it’s extremely flexible as its source code is adjustable. A business can utilize ODOO and include their own characteristics for improving its functionality and personalize it.

Open source

As it’s free software that gives you the liberty to download and install the software for free. There are even no license fees when purchasing Odoo for your enterprise.

Advanced Technology Support

Odoo ERP is constructed on an progressive and up-to-date technology stack. Thus, these technologies can be modified to the most recent patterns and are also enhanced from time to time.

Modular software

It is a highly modular software that has several modules required to support your business and can take advantage of the integrated solutions.

The integrated ERP solution with Odoo

An integrated ERP system permits each prospect of your business to be managed from a single application, hence data flows smoothly using the company — and lower to your financial statement. Integrating details and processes enhances effectiveness and permits informed decision-making.
Even teams and departments can interact with each other, use information and implement business procedures without disturbing each others’ work. Inventory data can be viewed by Sales staff; marketing can see the sales reports; and executives view a evident, comprehensive picture of the company.
ERP systems provide distinct modules for every company’s departments and areas. What separates integrated from non-integrated software is that in a completely unified solution, these modules are connected, automatically collecting information from internal as well as external sources and centralizing it inside an incorporated database. Workflows are smooth; manual, unnecessary data-entry is eradicated; precision is enhanced; and everyone can discover the data they require when they want it.

Operate Your E-Commerce Website With Odoo ERP

Odoo, is competent in covering each business needs of CRM, inventory, ecommerce, accounting, and others. Utilizing Odoo, you can incorporate your business needs with each other, or can utilize Odoo as independent software. Irrespective of the method you use, Odoo integration will assist you in enhancing the company’s comprehensive efficiency by bringing every single feature of your business to a sole place. It not just saves your time however also your pricing by decreasing the requirement for manpower and more efficiency in various departments. Here are a few other reasons why you must odoo erp implementation on your ecommerce site:

It is extremely flexible. You can start using Odoo by several modules and can include others subsequently anytime you wish.

There are many boundaries and plenty of communication needed to make among the two platforms; from inventory to the real product catalog. This happens to be quite costly. Utilizing Odoo, you can handle from a single place.

Odoo ERP constructs a use of technology which is the latest and extremely trending. These technologies are customized to the latest business ERP needs.

Odoo is simple to utilize yet being adaptable.

Odoo, in contrast with SAP or an auto-solution such as Microsoft, perhap moderate, therefore you can simply begin with one application, be exceedingly happy, and as you proceed, you upgrade to incorporate more applications.

Kalibroida is a leading odoo erp development company

Odoo ERP Solution for Businesses

Obtain an Edge about your competitors with our Odoo ERP Development Services

Odoo ERP Solution for Businesses
Accounting / Billing

The procedure of invoice creation and acknowledgement within your company with Odoo is automated.

Customer Support

Following customer details, online helpdesk system, Logging customer calls are merely some of the several services that arrive with Odoo.

Order Management

Maintain track of your latest sales, forthcoming orders and sales/orders history on the tip of your finger.


Begin your growth straight off with primary modules and maintain adding the latest modules as the requirement arises.


Track all your company’s procedures with numerous diverse ERP packages such as CRM, Manufacturing, Inventory, Sales, Warehouse.

Open ERP Odoo Modules

Project Management

ERP Odoo Modules will help in scheduling projects across your team and with a real timesheet you can compare the forecast for enhancing profitability. It improves the collaboration and you can add quick notes as well as attach files to any task in just a few minutes.

Sales Management

Send transparent and total quotations to your prospects. Include product descriptions, interesting images, and further details just by dragging and dropping building blocks.

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Automated Calendar

Establish a record of the calendar from action from the chosen models.

odoo erp services
Automated Invoicing

Bill automatically depending on delivery orders, contracts, sales orders, or time and material.

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Leave Management

Maintain a track of the vacation days taken by every employee. A request is entered by employees and managers, sanction and confirm them, done in merely a few clicks. The schedule of every employee is accordingly updated.

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It assists in your workflow by managing tasks, tracking time and creating weekly timesheets.

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Customer Support

Arrange your tickets the way you wish with the astonishing kanban view. Obtain an immediate summary of your team's amount of work and check the position of a ticket depending on your custom bespoke SLA regulations.

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Website Edition

Editing entirely online offers you a sense of command you have never experienced with any other tool.

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Bank Synchronization

Obtain your bank statements, synchronize automatically with your bank, or import files.

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Manage Bills & Expenses

Manage supplier invoices and acquire a transparent forecast of your forthcoming bills to pay.

Kalibroida helps you in odoo erp implementation processes for your business
Easy Reconciliation

Automate 95% of reconciliation and save time with the smart reconciliation tool.

odoo erp

Produce sharp and professional invoices, handle recurring billings, and simply trace payments.

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Approve documents online after sending, signing and approving it. Then Upload your PDF and drag & drop fields smoothly.

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Inventory Management

With the help of the smart double entry inventory system, better arrange your warehouse.

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Part your prospects database to provide the right message to the correct prospect at an appropriate time. Establish advanced marketing workflows that are focused on your prospects and foster them effectively using your sales funnel, 24/7.

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Point of Sale

Establish new stores rapidly and smoothly with simply an internet connection. Then utilize your Point of Sale anywhere, at any time.

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All in one place - Obtain precise forecasts, Acquire more in less time, get real-time overview and remain connected to your customers.

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It gives an advanced solution to old issues.

  • Precise planning immediately depending on real manufacturing times measures.
  • Quality, Maintenance, MRP, and PLM completely incorporated.
  • Showcase worksheets, alerts to employees during operations.
  • Acquire information in real-time from your gear with the help of the API.

odoo erp customization

By dragging & dropping building blocks smoothly establish custom designs for product pages to display your business in a special way.

Make A Successful Odoo ERP Implementation from Kalibroida

With a powerful technical background and a dexterous proficiency in Odoo Applications Development, Oodles ERP assists you automate and simplify every area of your company.

Customized consulting

Communicate with our team of professionals to formulate a perfect ERP scheme to smoothly run your business procedure & enhance its productiveness

Easy customizations

Oodles ERP is well-known for its extremely extensible ERP development services with a extensive variety of personalization to select from

Best price

You don’t require to invest a fortune on the development of ERP. As a odoo erp implementation company we have reasonable pricing plans work for any business size and type

End-to-end services

Establish a complete ERP system from scratch with tailored characteristics of your choice

Team of experts

Our team of ERP experts have practical experience in executing Odoo in diverse areas of your business

In-time delivery

Obtain your ERP system prepared within the agreed time frame and with least difficulties


The execution of Odoo can be done on-spot or the SaaS model. Depending on how superb the businesses desire their ERP to be, the development time can be between 50 to 250 development hours. The price of development can differ for the primary business version as per needs. Tailored development of application development might acquire more fees for integrations.

Odoo is an extensible, open-source business solution that benefits companies in enhancing their CRM, ERP. Marketing, sales, mobile app, management of services, eCommerce, and commercial services. At Kalibroida , we offer our clients excellent Odoo development services.

Yes. Our Odoo development services are entirely customizable as per the client’s needs. Our odoo certified developers look out of the complete development procedure from the beginning with common approaches, strategies and flow.

An integrated system is Odoo ERP that utilizes entire resources, departments, and action for the accomplishment of operations and tracking of all facets of management and accounting software. They assist in turning desktops that merely enter information and full exchange calculations or programs where least management intervention is required.