Odoo Helpdesk App

Odoo Helpdesk is amended for the productivity of your team: Construct your SLA rules and allow Odoo to automatically take action. Automate emails or actions at diverse phases of ticket resolution. Determine dynamic email templates to automatize the most usual responses. Raise tickets to your manager in a single click.

Great User Interface

Follow, emphasize, and resolve customer tickets.

Arrange your tickets the way you wish with the incredible kanban view. Obtain an immediate overview of the workload of your team and observe the status of a ticket depending on your custom tailored SLA regulation.

odoo helpdesk app

Multi Channels, Out-Of-The-Box

odoo helpdesk app

Latest incoming emails automatically generate tickets.

odoo helpdesk app
Website Form

Authorize your customers' doubt with a website form that is customizable.

odoo helpdesk app
Live Chat

On your website utilize the Live Chat plugin to immediately involve visitors.

Odoo Helpdesk App Helps To Optimized For Productivity

Odoo Helpdesk is amended for the productivity of the team:

  • Establish your SLA regulations and allow Odoo to automatically take action.
  • Computerize emails or actions at diverse phases of ticket settlement.
  • Determine powerful email templates to computerize the most usual answer.
  • Raise tickets to your manager in merely a single click.
  • Invite professionals into a live debate.
  • Utilize canned reactions in live chat for immediate answers.

Odoo Helpdesk App Support Sell Contracts

Trade support contracts to offer help desk services to your customer automatically. Trace time on every contract with the timesheet app, and do up-selling automatically with time-bound contracts. Establish alerts for your sales or assist desk team depending on your customer status.

odoo helpdesk module

Odoo Helpdesk App Provide Smarter Self-Service

Grow your self-service platform by straightaway connecting your training videos, presentations on a ticket and FAQ. Establish a odoo helpdesk community near your product with the forum.

odoo helpdesk module

Odoo Helpdesk App Allow Customers To Close Their Tickets

Decrease the possibility of error, evade misconceptions and leave additional time for Helpdesk Teams to concern about what actually demands their attention.

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Features of Odoo Helpdesk Apps

odoo helpdesk app
Produce Diverse Teams

You can establish diverse teams to allocate tickets to, and for every team you can produce a special email alias, which customers can contact instantly.

odoo helpdesk app
Timesheet On Tickets

Follow the time consumed on tickets timesheeting on them. To record the exact time utilize a timer, with the potential of having numerous users recording their hours at the similar time on the identical task/ticket. On the customer's portal, timesheets can be exhibited.

odoo helpdesk app
Prioritize Your Tickets

You can select diverse degrees of precedence for your tickets.

odoo helpdesk app
Establish Tickets Via Email

Customers can smoothly build tickets through email. Automatically establish a ticket on incoming emails and based on the email aliases they can be allocated to the comparable teams.

odoo helpdesk app
Determined Your Own SLA Rules

Determine standards for your teams by generating your personal SLA rules. Service Level Agreements can be established depending on ticket issue classes, tags and/or precedence. Select among a stage to be achieved, or for a SLA to implement at a particular stage.

odoo helpdesk app
Establish Tickets Through Live Chat

You can communicate with your customers through the Live Chat and immediately generate a ticket straight away with the chat window through helpdesk odoo 13.

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Yes, Tickets can be automatically assigned balanced between team members, manually or, randomly.

Yes you can convert a lead into a ticket with just a click. Make sure no more unanswered or unseen customer requirements.

Yes, from their portal they can close the ticket.