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Odoo subscription is an Odoo Subscription Module that can be utilized to administer every renewal activities and subscription generation. It will assist the enterprise to administer the subscribed members. It can assist you to administer subscription renewal, subscription products, and all subscriptions. The position of subscriptions can also be perceived with comfort from the dashboard itself.

As Oddo is a modular ERP platform, thus it provides support to incorporate subscriptions with other modules. This assists diverse business ventures incorporating subscriptions with customer management software and marketing solutions.

Features of Odoo Subscription APP

  • Build subscription-relying products in the Odoo.
  • The Odoo customer can build subscription plans and include the suitable subscription product to it.
  • Diverse subscription products can be established and allocated to appropriate subscription plans.
  • The Odoo customer can turn out and administer subscription plans through Odoo.
  • The periodic frequency can be established for the subscribers according to the need ahead with the figure of bill cycles for the subscriber.
  • Instead, the Odoo user can produce a sales order with a subscription-relying product in it. This approach automatically begins the subscription plan for the respective customer.
  • The invoice could not be established for a subscription plan which is in the probation. The Odoo user can select to produce paid invoices or the unpaid ones for the subscriber in the Odoo
  • A subscription sort product is a serviceable product by default.
odoo subscription module

Benefits to Add Odoo Subscription Model to Your Business

Periodic, Additional & Steady Income

With the assistance of the Subscription model, collective data can be accessed of your customers which will assist you to design your business as per the trend.

Forecast the income

It even assists you to predict the income framework of your products/services as you have every detail regarding the subscribed customers.

Comfort of Marketing

You have your customers' contact details in the Subscription model. Consequently, you can maintain your customers which is simpler than gaining a new one.

Loyal customer base

Subscription Model assists in creating lasting relationships with customers which establish a Loyal Customer Base.

Focus on Selling Using Odoo Subscription APP

    Simple characteristics to administer automatically subscriptions
    Focus on relationships and service while automated characteristics of Odoo administer your recurring sales and subscriptions. Rapidly offer transparent contracts and impeccable, automated invoices; handle taxes without any stress; and even handle payments. Plus everything is done automatically as per to your settings.

odoo subscription

Why Choose Kalibroida for Odoo App Development

No Requirement of Login and Easy Signup

Enhance sales by saving yourself from login requirements and even creating signup simple.

Convenient Portal

Offer your customer access to a convenient portal with their every data and contract choices intuitively.

Automatic payments

By setting payments to automatic you can save a lot of time. Automatically invoices are issued for victorious management.

How Kalibroida will help you

When you notice how smoothly and easily your management can be handled with the Odoo Subscription App then the urge to implement it in your business arises. Now when this urge takes place in your mind, the next thought that should come in your mind is who and how can that be executed in your business, right? With years of experience in implementing and handling Odoo service you can trust on Kalibroida. We make sure that you get it in your business and know how to use it to enhance the performance and management of your business. Get in touch with us and obtain experts to do it for you.


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