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What Are The Odoo App

Odoo software is a business management software that permits you to handle every department of the company in one location. Let’s see what are the odoo app;

Accounting Odoo App

Odoo's accounting application permits you to build invoices, impede supplier invoices, etc, as it is in sync with bank statements.

Odoo Website Design App

With Odoo it is simple to design and build websites merely with the capability to drag and drop and establish CTAs, contact forms and tracking tools.

Odoo Point of Sale App

It is utilized on numerous terminals (tablets, industrial machines, laptops,and permits to establish loyalty programs and supervise inventory management.

Odoo Project Management App

With the odoo apps Project management is performed by monitoring in a contemporary interface that permits you to organize tasks, deadlines, schedules and plan and examine by following global workload.

Odoo Sales App

Odoo permits you to create online quotes from the proposition to the signature: establishment of templates, transmit to the customer, online payment, e-signature.

Odoo Warehouse APP

Odoo's inventory app enables you to maximize warehouse organization, establish automatic refilling and track every movement of inventory.

Odoo Ecommerce App

With the odoo ecommerce apps it is simple to establish an online store and incorporate it with the rest of your odoo apps like invoices, sales and stocks.

Odoo Human Resource App

With Odoo human resource app build an Employee Database, handle the hierarchy of organization, administer departments and allocate access rights, hold staff attendance, leave and cost management.

Odoo Manufacturing App

With Odoo Manufacturing App you can track work orders, handle manufacturing orders, determine Raw Materials for your finalised products, manage and schedule Bills of Materials with Calendar Integration.

Odoo Marketing App

In Odoo the automation marketing incorporated allows to build automatic campaigns, produce customer paths, automate email sending.

Odoo Purchase APP

With Odoo's purchase application it is easy to manage all suppliers and purchase orders.

How Odoo Apps Can Helps You

The ERP that one chooses will describe the ethics, elements, and road maps that handle extraordinary usage. Once you select and carry out a pre-prepared solution, then you are probably to incorporate growth and implementation. There are several similar solutions, however Odoo is perhaps the best ERP accessible in the market. Choosing an Odoo Solution will assist your organization flow and collect Odoo development technologies. Moreover, Odoo E-commerce businesses provide powerful software that manufactures the merchants to get extensible business. Odoo ERP is accordingly advantageous for the retail industry. It removes all difficult, prolonged tasks, getting the management's load, which is necessary to collect profits and build product sales.

Financial transactions for the mercantile sector are distributed by the payment Gateway schemes which incorporate transactions like credit card, electronic funds transfers and (EFT) recurring . Every system which is correctly incorporated will obtain transaction details at the purchase points using key entry or card swipe, which will be transferred to the payment gateway system. A reply will be considered at the point of purchase one time the system processes authorization or decline of the transaction. It's extremely simple to incorporate payment gateways in Odoo with just primary knowledge of python programming and elementary incorporation skills and formats.

The Odoo / Open ERP shipping management module allows the companies to perform the processes expertly using the management and organization of their clientele and supplier goods. In Odoo, you may build automated invoicing relying on the deliveries. It enables the firm to create packing slips for the company. The packing slip can be generated once the customer sanctions the selling order. Prior an order has been transmitted for delivery to the shipping branch in a manner of trade or manufacturing operation, Odoo instates a one-step distribution process, in which every single product is created accessible from the supplier and ultimately delivered in mass using a single order.

Who Uses Odoo App

Companies of every sort are shifting to Odoo to make it simple to administer each and every element of their company. In specific, Odoo is well-known for retailers, eCommerce sites, tech companies, manufacturing facilities, higher education institutions, construction businesses and marketing companies. The wide array of accessible tools, apps for general business aims like finance, HR, marketing, communication,sales, operations and websites means that Odoo is perfect for businesses in very much any industry.

Kalibroida is a leading odoo app development company
 How Odoo Apps Can Benefit Your Business

How Odoo Apps Can Benefit Your Business

Odoo launches a new version of ERP software almost every year integrating new technologies and software assistance to handle developing business needs. Odoo team improves current applications and presents new applications to assist business enterprises.

1. Increase Your sales

Odoo Apps helps in making the quotations, enhances communication between the buyer and the seller , offers user-friendly point of sale and helps in tracking leads, closing opportunities and getting appropriate forecasts.

Kalibroida is a leading Odoo App Services provider Company

Odoo allows you to make better decisions by using actionable data. Schedule activities depending on your script of sales: meetings, mailing, quotations and calls. You can even gather all the information you require, straight on the opportunity: mail received, website pages viewed, etc.

Odoo App Store
Point of Sale

Odoo POS offers everything your shop needs. Odoo POS relies on a smart interface that every retail company can utilize without trouble. Since it's extremely flexible, you can structure Odoo POS to satisfy your exact requirements.

Odoo Mobile App

Odoo sale app helps in sending clear and entire quotations to your prospects. Include product descriptions, attractive images, and added details easily by dragging and dropping building blocks.

  1. You can transform quotations into sales orders with a one click, or allow the customer to sign on it with an easy electronic signature.
  2. Invoice customers depend on time and materials, smoothly record contracts and follow invoicing phases, hold renewal and upselling possibilities, and handle your subscriptions. The customer portal gives access to your customers to their sales orders, delivery orders and quotations. Utilize Odoo Sign and save time by getting the signatures easily on contracts, NDAs, or any PDF document.
  3. The customer portal gives access to your customers to their sales orders, delivery orders and quotations. Utilize Odoo Sign and save time by getting the signatures easily on contracts, NDAs, or any PDF document.

2.Interconnection Between Services

There are services which are interconnected and Odoo apps help the business to perform them efficiently. With the help of odoo development services you can implement it in your business and enjoy its benefits.

Odoo Mobile App Development

Odoo apps helps you use a modern interface, where you can adjust the project as per your need.

  1. Organize it neatly and efficiently to overview the project
  2. Maintain a track of the deadlines with a clear calendar view.
  3. Assign the required time to particular tasks under an intended shift.Create reports and execute analyses.
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With the help of Odoo app you can track the time and productivity accordingly. Either you’re operating a small business, or you are a freelance professional, or even handling employees from diverse locations, you require tools to be as mobile as you are. The Odoo mobile app that works the way you do and you can handle the work from anywhere. From task management, time-tracking, to weekly timesheets, it becomes easy to perform these activities with one app.

odoo mobile app development

Odoo helpdesk app offers an amazing user interface and lets you Track, prioritize, and solve customer tickets. You can even organize your tickets the manner you wish with the astonishing kanban view. Obtain an immediate overview of your team's volume of work and monitor the status of a ticket depending on your custom bespoke SLA rules.

3. Relation between Operations

Odoo helps in maintaining the relationship between the operations by offering an easy method to work in a systematic manner. No confusion, No conflict and No Counter arguments.

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Odoo App helps in enhancing the performance and process time. With the smart double entry inventory system you can organize your warehouse effectively. Obtain the most competent stocking method and enhance all your internal operations. It has no input, output or transformation of stocks. Rather, all activities are stock moves among locations.

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Odoo apps improve your supply chain and inventory performance by easily managing purchase orders and suppliers. Enhance your purchase performance with acquisition rules relying on logistic rules, sales orders, stock levels, forecast manufacturing orders, etc. Choose various replacement ways for each product subject to your delivery and manufacturing strategies.

4. Odoo App To Build your websites

With the Odoo app you can easily build your website without much effort. It helps in giving you plenty of options that you need to consider while creating a website through it and you are done.
  Website Builder

Build your website easily with shapes and get live chat, Build-in customer portal, multi-language, SEO within the app. You just need toi drag and drop and create a business website. By editing everything online, you get a sense of control that you have never felt with any other tool.


With Odoo app you get a modern open source online store that is equipped with amazing product pages and it’s mobile friendly. You can create custom pages to showcase your customers in no time. With an incorporated eCommerce platform, sales and inventory can smoothly be retained via automatic stock adjustment and reporting. Committed customer portals assist in maintaining customer data organized with order claims and tracking, permitting customers to download delivery orders and invoices.

Odoo App Development - Security

  • With Odoo app the customer passwords are protected with industry-standard encryptions.
  • Every Odoo Cloud server is operating hardened Linux distributions with updated security patches.
  • Odoo app never stores any credit card details. On their system.
 How Odoo Apps Can Benefit Your Business
 How Odoo Apps Can Benefit Your Business

Odoo App Integration - Security

When you integrate Odoo app in your business you get
  • Database Security

    The storage of customer data is done in a dedicated database with no sharing of data among clients. Data access is administered with rules that execute total isolation among customer databases operating on the similar cluster, no access is feasible from one database to other.

  • Staff Access

    Helpdesk staff of Odoo might sign into your account to access settings associated with your support problem. For this they utilize their own particular staff identification, not your password .

  • Communication

    Every data communications to customer samples are secure with state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS).

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  • Firstly Log in to the Odoo administration panel and click “Apps” on the top menu bar.
  • Then in the Apps menu, you will notice the Odoo plugin catalog. Explore for the plugin you wish to install.
  • Now you will see the “Install” button in the plugin Click it if you desire to enable it.

Yes, you never pay for it as it is an open source program.

The application development starts from $10,000 to a lot as per the features and technologies you will wish to have into your Odoo app. The more ease and features ,the higher the price.

1. Account admin tool
2. Early payment discount
3. Partner personal accounts
4. Account admin
5. Cash statement
And many more.

There’s no prelimited time for the development of an Odoo enterprise solution. It differs broadly subject to the sort of solutions and the design components you require.