Odoo Inventory APP

Odoo Open source inventory system offers you with an extremely flexible, strong and freely downloadable software for administering the inventory procedure such as assisting utmost sales and orders, launching timely deliveries, tracing every inventory level, and way more to the list. Odoo Inventory Management software therefore facilitates a platform of multi-tasking that not just administers the inventory but even accommodates the functionalities inside the manufacturing department.

Odoo Inventory Management in the manufacturing industry, expeditiously cooperates its working straight from generating a bill of materials, simplifying work-order along with diverse documents relating to production actions. The most significant characteristic that carries the Odoo Inventory to the next phase from other ownership software is that it can be personalized utilizing numerous plug-ins enhancing the functionality of the system.

Enhance Your Warehouse Proficiency With the Assistance of Odoo Warehouse Management

    In relation to inventory management, ERP examines the technology of streamlining, administrating and tracing its development level. Using a powerful ERP management system, you can successfully administer the stocks and discover new stocking ways to offer long-lasting support. In inventory management Odoo ERP helps a lot, you can simply enhance your operations , both internal and external using various characteristics such as drop-shipping, cross-docking and multi-warehousing.

odoo inventory app
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Odoo Inventory Module : Improve Quality, Productivity & Process Time

    Better arrange your warehouse with a system that has intelligent double entry inventory.

    Obtain the most efficient stocking procedure and enhance your every internal operation. There is no stock input, output or transmutation that Odoo's double-entry inventory has. On the contrary, every operation is stock moves among locations.

Construct Your Website with Odoo Website Software Characteristics

odoo inventory app development

Data Entry and Handling Advancement Methods.

Examine exchange manual data entry procedure with modern barcode scanning and additional devices that diminish data entry errors, enhance data compilation, acquire timely and precise information to the correct people at the correct time, and amalgamate every warehouse data in one ERP solution.

odoo inventory app

Real-time, Company-wide Reporting

Your company is merely as excellent as its data is. ERP systems assist your company in obtaining the capability to access work orders, inventory information, sales, and purchase orders, in real-time. Smoothly incorporating details among the ERP solution and your warehouses as your business executes BAU activities.

odoo inventory app

Persistent Integration

The coveted impact of most ERP users is to obtain enhanced operational effectiveness that guides to more revenue, productivity, and sales. Incorporating your ERP is vital in attaining this desirable state. For example, business operation developments require to incorporate data exchange among the ERP and your warehouses for exact and punctual invoicing data, besides payment of purchase orders and inventory management and administration, everything excluding the tediousness of manual processing.

Features Of Odoo Inventory App

odoo inventory app
Double Entry Inventory

The special Odoo double entry inventory management permits complete identifiability to the customer from the supplier. Nothing is missing, the total is moved.

odoo inventory app
Delivery Orders

Easily pack orders and deliver either with or excluding barcode scanners. Odoo develops delivery orders for you depending on availability.

odoo inventory app

Manage products that are arriving and match what the supplier has ordered

odoo inventory app
Stock Transfers

Utilize the easy transfer interface to transfer products from one location to the next

odoo inventory app

Straight from your supplier, deliver to customers depending on products, orders or customers.

odoo inventory app
Pick - Pack - Ship

Plan your own order flow of process. Deliver to customers in single steps or various steps: selecting, packing, transportation.

odoo inventory app
Smart Scheduler

Odoo's scheduler will activate automatically every operation for you depending on availability of product and forecasts of orders.

odoo inventory app

Acquire raw materials or let the products get manufactured to order. Determine your own routes particular to products, warehouses, orders, etc.

odoo inventory app
Inventory Adjustments

Execute an inventory for a particular product, a zone, a lot or a pallet/box; Odoo develop cycle accounts for you.

Experience Total Traceability With Odoo Inventory Software

    Trace all stock moves with Odoo's special system of double-entry inventory. Track move of every stock to warehouse from purchase bin to sales order. Track lots or serials downstream or upstream from everywhere in your supply chain.

odoo inventory app
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Real Time Reports

    With real-time dynamic reports create smarter decisions that you can store and share with everyone. With a custom dashboard, maintain essential information at your fingertips.

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Yes, you can utilize hierarchical locations to form your warehouse: shelves, zones, rows, and so forth.

Yes, scrap products in simply a few clicks and obtain detailed reports on scrap: their prices, reasons and amounts.

Yes, unload arriving material and straight transmit to outbound gates with small to no storage amid.

Yes you can search credentials to process smoothly. Simply scan a barcode or filter depending on any benchmark: customer, product, and so forth.