Improve Your Supply Chain & Inventory Performance With Odoo Purchase Module

Another significant module of any ERP system is Purchase management, OpenERP Purchase management particularly created taking into account the user-friendliness to the user. It assists you to follow every information of your supplier, Inventory management, pricing for suppliers, orders you made for purchases, and so forth. OpenERP Purchase management offers you with a total end to end procurement solution from RFQ until payments.

Further, it assists you to have rapid decision making considering every purchase history and the suppliers list are formerly accessible into the OpenERP software. with OpenERP you can smoothly administer your every RFQ and purchase orders. Your organization might be purchasing numerous products and services either to satisfy the company or organizational everyday needs, thus purchases are viewed as one of the significant modules of any ERP software. OpenERP Purchase management benefits you in handling everything you procure for your company. Particularly it is a determination module for trading industries.

One more advantage of the Odoo purchase module is that it is incorporated with other associated modules. Which means when you are buying a product for your organizational requirements you have to do the payment as per the pricing of the goods you got, in other words automatically Accounting entries are made formerly the purchase is made so ahead the payments. The module is even incorporated with Inventory which upgrades as the products are registered into the warehouse.

odoo purchase module

Automate The Purchase Order Process Using Odoo Purchase App

Send RFQs to your suppliers automatically depending on your stocks levels

Enhance the performance of your purchase and inventory with acquisition rules regarding forecast manufacturing orders, sales orders, stock levels, logistic rules, and so forth. Choose diverse replacement ways for every product regarding your strategies for manufacturing and delivery.

odoo purchase module

Odoo Purchase APP Help You Make Smart Purchasing Decisions

Smoothly import price lists of suppliers and references to create smarter purchase decisions depending on improvements, quantities and unique contract situation. Maintain trace of a product accessibility in your stock for suppliers and check your status for order directly from the app. You can even create your sales price on prices of your suppliers.

odoo purchase module

Manage Purchase Tenders - Using Odoo Purchasing App

Obtain the suitable price by bargaining with numerous vendors.

Initiate purchase tenders, incorporate answers of vendors in the procedure and match propositions. Select the greatest offer and send purchase orders smoothly. Afterwards utilize reporting to examine the quality of your vendors.

You can even utilize Blanket Order Agreement to purchase goods from a supplier at a bargain price, on a repeated basis throughout a particular duration.

odoo purchase module

Maintain Statistics On Your Purchases Using Odoo Purchasing App

Examine, predict and successfully plan your orders

Obtain precise statistics on the performance of your suppliers using quantities purchased, flexible reporting: negotiated discounts on prices, delivery delays,and so forth. Incorporate purchases with logical accounting to examine your contracts' lucrativeness.

odoo purchase module

Odoo Purchase Module Fully Integrated With

  • Inventory
    Sync your stocks levels depending on your purchases and establish automatic renewal regulations to evade stockouts.

  • Invoicing
    In a supplier invoice transform your purchase orders to evade dual entry.

  • Accounting
    Obtain your accounting more precisely by incorporating purchase invoices and orders.
odoo purchase module

Odoo Purchase Module Features

odoo purchase module
Modern User Interface

A rapid user interface created for contemporary inventory management. Obtain more work completion with less effort with or excluding barcode scanners.

odoo purchase module
Blanket Order Agreement

At a negotiated price purchase goods from a supplier , on a repeated basis throughout a particular duration.

odoo purchase module
Create RfQs For Your Suppliers

Configure every product to transmit Requests for Quotations to your suppliers.

odoo purchase module
Automate Ordering

Establish procurement regulations to automatically order the essential items depending on least quantities per location, stock levels, or per supplier, sales, or different framework.

odoo purchase module
Define Procurement Rules

Mention every supplier spreading the item, order them by precedence, and record their time of delivery and least quantity to save a little time on fresh orders.

odoo purchase module
Automatic Reconciliation Between Companies

Save enormous amounts of time and work on every transaction done among your group’s companies - automatically the transactions are reconciled in every module, for instance, mirror sales orders automatically and purchase orders in many-company establishments.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

Odoo ERP is a centralised solution for every organization. Odoo ERP purchase module is incorporated with accounting, inventory, invoice, therefore you can create the process easily, and precisely. We have years of proficiency in Odoo development, personalization, and total deployment. We have helped various companies in the execution process of Odoo services and happily they are running the application successfully.


Y6es you can include a custom message to your suppliers for every RfQs sent.

Yes, you can send RfQs by email directly from the app or print and send them by post, everything in just single click

Yes, you can save time by establishing rules to send RfQs automatically to your suppliers depending on your level of stocks

Yes, you can maintain a record of your stock and decide the quantity and locations for every batch of items you obtain.