Odoo Field Service Management Software

For any company, customer service is the key to a good customer-company relationship. Planning and administering maintenance of product, installation, and so forth, can be prolonged. To assist you with this Odoo offers you with the Field Service module. With the assistance of the Field Service module one can design, allocate, perform and evaluate the Customer Field Service tasks efficiently and successfully. Moreover, one can estimate the work reports and understand the development in your business.

Focus On Your Tool with Odoo Field Service Management Software

odoo field service management
Schedule Your Appointments

Scheduling appointments and keeping track of it is the most tedious task but now with this software you can easily schedule your appointments.

odoo field service management
Assign Tasks To Employees

It is so hard to email every employee individually regarding the work but with the Odoo software now you can assign tasks to employees from a single platform.

odoo field service management
Plan Your Route

Just like scheduling your appointments is a hard task, similarly planning your route is another tedious task but with the software you can smoothly plan your route.

odoo field service management
Track Your Working Time

We work and go home but never bother to track our working time but with Odoo Field Service Management software now tracking your work time is so simple and fast.

odoo field service management
Design Custom Worksheets

If you are not satisfied with the worksheet current template, you can anytime customize the and design the worksheet as per your requirement.

odoo field service management
Provide Quotations

Creating quotations can be done easily but providing the same to the clients can be a bit difficult but with this software you can easily provide quotations to your customers.

Odoo Field Service Management | Manage Your Workdays From Anywhere, On Any Device

Odoo operates on any device linked to the internet and has been created keeping mobile devices in consideration. There is no requirement to set up any software nor concern regarding compatibility of the device. Simply open your web browser and your work is done!

Odoo Field Service Management - Best Time Tracking APP

With a one-button time-tracker Odoo Field service is incorporated. By all means, you can even manually record your time.

odoo field service management

With The Help Of Odoo Field Service Management You Can Sell Products With A Single Click

Offering a service many times involves selling products like spare parts. With Odoo Field Service’s insightful design, in a single click you can sell products!

odoo field service management

Sign Your Reports Electronically

Reports are significant: they reorganize your working time, your worksheet and the products sold. Ask your client to mark them on your Field Service app. Got no reason to print, send or scan. You can do it electronically, instantly!

odoo field service management

Manage And Track Multiple Projects At Once With Odoo Field Service Management Software

The Planning tool is your greatest associate as a manager! In the Gantt view allocate and plan tasks, and rearrange any assignment with an easy drag-and-drop.

Produce as numerous projects as you require to maintain every task tidily systematic between various teams or locations.

odoo field service management

Features Of Odoo Field Service Management Software

odoo field service management
User-Driven Development

The Odoo Field Service Management Software showcases only the data you require and assists you maintain your concentration on what actually matters: offering top-notch services to your clients.

odoo field service management
Reduce Data Entry

Field Service is associated with numerous other Odoo apps and forms your data entry simpler and quicker. Automatize more, save time.

odoo field service management

Arrange every task and ensure the employees’ shifts are properly planned.

odoo field service management
Customizable Worksheets

Plan your worksheet templates with every field that you require to offer your customers with elaborative reports.

odoo field service management
Link With Inventory

Per employee determines a default warehouse and includes tracked products as per serial numbers or lot to tasks.

odoo field service management
Instant Invoices

directly produce draft invoices from the form of task, automatically pre filled with the followed working time and every products

odoo field service management
Pivot Table Analysis

Establish progressive pivot tables and in .xls files export the data to open it in additional programs.

odoo field service management

Produce as numerous projects as you desire to arrange your tasks, determine particular setup for every project, and obtain separate reports. This characteristic is especially helpful to handle numerous teams or locations.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

As a reputed Odoo service provider Kalibroida is very helpful in the execution or implementation of the Odoo Field Service Management Software. Our team of experts will help the companies in understanding the benefits of the software and how it will help in the advancement of the business. If you are searching for an Odoo service provider then you need to get in touch with us, as we have been handling all the implementation processes for every Odoo service for years now. And an expert can save the time of the company as well as offer satisfactory outcomes.


Yes, you can track your working time straight from the task’s menu with the incorporated timer, and automatically invoice it.

Yes, you can see your upcoming appointments on a map, get more details by clicking on a task, and straightly search the itinerary.

Yes, you can manage unassigned tasks smoothly and allocate them with an easy drag-and-drop.

Yes, in Odoo Field Service Management Software you can use beautiful bar charts, line charts, or pie charts to display your reports.