Manage Your Social Media App with Odoo

Probably, the most opposing difficulties of a company are to associate successfully and precisely with its community. The emergence of Odoo Social Marketing is a point of great comfort for a business at the moment of captivating efficiently with the public. Social marketing enables a company to unite with its community by the help of social media, live chat, push notifications, and so forth.

Odoo Social Media Marketing Software: Manage Social Media, Web Push Notifications, And Live Chat

Managing social media, live chat and push notifications sounds like an easy task but in between so many important and urgent tasks, companies tend to forget to give attention to this area. But social media is the most emerging platform where companies get clients, so to ease this process we have Odoo Social Media Marketing Software.

Odoo Social media marketing App

Track All Social Media Account At One Place

Discover New Customers And Maintain Users’ Engagement.

Existence on Social Media boosts understanding, links you with your clientele, increases leads, and profit. It can even offer customer support and assistance to broadcast significant company news and messages.

Odoo Social Media Marketing App- Reach Your Audience Anywhere

Time-Dependent Messages

The user’s concentration rapidly shifts to it, when push notifications come, instantly securing attention. The brief and direct messages permit users to read the messages directly from the corner of the eyes as well, and click on it if fascinated.

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Convert Visitors into Customers Using a Odoo Social Media Marketing App

Begin conversations at will

Research proves that Live chats can enhance conversion rates by approximately 40%. Users reply well to live chats; it provides them an opportunity of real-time communication. It permits you to preemptively engage with visitors, which is an essential part of a confident customer support experience.

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Features Of Odoo Social Media Marketing App

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Send & Schedule Posts

Straight schedule or send posts for social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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Push Notification

Transmit web push notifications to your subscribed visitors website.

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Include streams, such as Facebook and Twitter, to your dashboard to supervise your accounts, communicate with your community, and obtain insights.

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Build completely incorporated campaigns: SMS, push notifications, emails, and social posts. Obtain a summary of your campaign's outcomes in terms of clicks, profits, leads formed and sales.

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Online Visitors

Obtain a precise list of your visitors that come on your website, and contact them via SMS, push notifications, email, or Live Chat requests.

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Live Chat Request

Engross in discussion with one or more of your visitors that come on your website. They will obtain your message on their following action on a followed page.

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Track Revenues And Leads From A Link

Trail the expedition of a link from a post, and obtain instantaneous details regarding how much profit that link produced, as to how many leads.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

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Yes, you can easily schedule and send posts on various social media platforms.

Create entirely incorporated campaigns: emails, social posts, SMS, and push notifications. Acquire a summary of the results of your campaign in terms of leads formed, sales, clicks, and profits.