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Kalibroida BPO Customer Service practice

The customer service business is always a evolving one. There are heavy demand for customer support channels and it turns into essential for companies to handle client’s touch factor throughout the complete lifecycle. The Kalibroida BPO customer service practice is aware of the client’s unique expectations and addresses them in a continuous and complete manner.

Challenges and opportunities

When it comes to client’s retention, the efficient customer service is a complete game-changer . Therefore, it is vital to have a sturdy customer support system in place.

Other reasons:

  • Mobile solutions are becoming essential
  • Agile services are acquiring more significance than multichannel services
  • Voice of the client’s programs are operationalising insights
  • Client’s service is going forward from being a value center to being a key differentiator

How Kalibroida BPO delivers business value

The Kalibroida BPO Customer Service practice supports customers throughout companies and offers services that are not traditionally supplied by using different outsourcers. We also supply these services in numerous languages across worldwide delivery locations.

Our services include:

  • Training management
  • Workforce management
  • Quality management
  • Customer service consulting

We deliver on our promised benefits by:

  • Concentrating on various objectives – operational metrics vs. Business, reduced need for service vs. better service, profits vs. cost savings
  • Providing solutions that offer continuing, custom value
  • Managing operations ahead service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Building an intensive partnership with clients

We also offer delivery / solution factors through proprietary channels which includes new strategies, technology, sturdy domain abilties, and culture. We assist customers effortlessly respond to new technological, social, and financial pressures / modifications.

We deliver:

  • Channel convergence
  • Benefits beyond standard outsourcing
  • One-many to many-many
  • Proliferation of segmentation criteria

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