Odoo Dynamic Planning APP

Either you are searching to administer your employees' schedule or predict your projects, Odoo Planning helps you focus on teamwork, and makes planning feel like a breeze. Create shifts, allocate and reallocate them with a single drag-and-drop click.

Have Control On Variety Of ModulesThrough Odoo Dynamic Planning App

The planning module is straightaway incorporated with diverse other modules of operations in Odoo like attendance, project, payroll, manufacturing, employees, and many more.

odoo planning app

Enjoy The Benefits Of Planning Module Dashboard

The planning module dashboard depicts the calendar view which can be exhibited in the format of days, week, month, or year. Furthermore, the time of the schedule can even be configured during the establishment of a plan. Additionally, there is diverse filtration and group by the process to obtain the needed details according to the requirements of the user.

odoo planning app

Features of Odoo Dynamic Planning Module

odoo planning app
Personal Planning

Your shifts can be exhibited on a calendar, list view or Gantt chart, and team them the way you desire.

odoo planning app
Day, Week, Month View

Demonstrate your shifts in Calendar and Gantt views as per day, week, or month.

odoo planning app
Open Shifts

Leave shifts unallocated and allocate them with an easy drag-and-drop.

odoo planning app

Establish and handle shifts, allocate them to numerous employees, and select a color to obtain a clear and simply comprehensible schedule.

odoo planning app
Shift Templates

Build shift templates and implement them to your fresh shifts.

odoo planning app

Reiterate your shifts.

odoo planning app

Supervise each shift by planning them by project, by role, or by employee. The default Gantt view offers you a transparent overview of what is previously planned, and what is remaining to plan.

odoo planning app
Copy previous shift

Copy every shift from the former week and rearrange what requirements to be amended.

odoo planning app
Avoid conflicts

Obtain a warning if several shifts are planned at the similar time for an employee.

odoo planning app
Send schedule

Transmit your employees their relevant schedules.

odoo planning app
Schedule Portal

Your employees can look and administer their schedules on their individual portal.

odoo planning app

Allow your employees to allocate oneself from shifts using their portals.

odoo planning app
Open Shifts Available

Your employees can allocate themselves open shifts using apps or on their portal.

odoo planning app
Tasks Analysis

Establish every sort of report, depending on the filters , time ranges, and measures that you desire.

odoo planning app

Utilize attractive bar charts, pie charts or line charts to demonstrate your reports.

odoo planning app
Pivot Table Analysis

Build progressive pivot tables and transmit the data in .xls files to open it in diverse software.

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Yes, that’s the beauty of the app, that you can assign tasks to several employees at one time.

Yes, you get a warning and then you can rectify the error.