Smart City Smart Solution For Disaster Management

The Internet of Things is connected with roughly every comfort in our life ranging from traffic management system to transportation, smart cities to smart homes, and a variety of other fields. Water Management System is one of such field which is extremely impacted by the Internet of Things. It is absolutely demanding to make sure the appropriate utilization of water, but proper execution of smart city Water Management Systems using IoT will certainly make our lives expedient and preserve our valuable resources.

An added challenge lies in the forward-looking nature of hazard and susceptibility. That is, peril and weakness evaluation requires to take into consideration those aspects and procedures that could not so far have become apparent in past disaster circumstances. This is mainly suitable in extremely dynamic environments where both socio-natural vulnerability and susceptibility patterns may experience rapid changes in the near- and mid-term future.

The significance of incorporating ambiguity in disaster risk management has repeatedly been emphasizing but still remains a problem of distress today. In this regard, smart city planning might play a pertinent role in allowing for abilities for data collection, real-time monitoring, information processing and networked infrastructure management.


Smart Solutions — The Way Forward

By influencing the advantages of big data, like learning algorithms, satellite image review and IoT sensors from storm drains, the local government can decide when to vacate citizens and begin disaster preparation throughout the possibility of increasing tides and heavy rainfall.

There are numerous global examples, which can be referred while developing a strong flood management programme for its smart cities. One of the most valuable examples might be of Buenos Aires, the capital and most crowded city of Argentina.

Buenos Aires is a port city constructed on nine streams, where relentless flooding is not rare. In 2013, a catastrophic flood and never-ending rain caused 1000s of emigrations and over 50 fatalities. It was then that the Environment and Public Spaces Ministry of the City Government of Buenos Aires (GCBA) taken a step to work all along a real programme to prepare the city enhanced and ease the risks caused by heavy rainfall.

Buenos Aires improved and optimized its IT infrastructure with company’s major SAP’s Mobile Platform and SAP Process Integration technology. It place IoT enabled radar sensors into the drains to watch floods and 1500 kilometres of the drainage pipeline infrastructure went live. The details is fed into the SAP HANA system via which the city authorities examine weather reports, citizens’ complaints about blocked drains and unattended refuse as well as the status of garbage collection.


The SAP HANA system assists the city administration to examine the sensor data in real time and also allow them to take suitable actions during a likely crisis circumstances, like a deluge. By examining IoT sensor data on the SAP HANA platform, the new system has facilitated Buenos Aires to forecast floods to a immense extent. It informs the city’s residents of possible dangers, and also helps the authorities to arrive at the areas that require instant support. Post consumption of the system, the city has been proficient to clear all of its 30,000 storm drains even if it undergoes heavy rainfall and has stayed flood-free.

With the metrics and dashboards, it is easy to gather information for more consistent decision making and decide exactly how much work has been done and how much more is needed to be done. This has basically restores manual apparatus maintenance tasks with remote and computerized systems.


Smart cities need to consider disaster management just like Buenos Aires and make sure that with the help of IoT sensors and SAP HANA the disaster can be handled easily.

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