Odoo Spreadsheet App

The spreadsheet is a highly beneficial device in Odoo. With the support of advanced characteristics and devices, the spreadsheet will offer you definite particularization on significant data and therefore growing your effectiveness in data management. Odoo spreadsheet is diverse from the traditional excel sheets, the extremely incorporated nature of the device makes it competent and far more trustworthy. The spreadsheet is accessible and can be availed from every application of the Odoo.

Stay Ahead With Odoo Spreadsheet Module

Spreadsheets are considered as one of the most extensively utilized instruments in any industry, and now you can enjoy the benefit of its several enhancements within Odoo.

Yes, you read that properly! Making projections, additional data analysis, calculating commissions with real-time data are now with single click.


    Determine your financial condition and identify your profit possibility.


    Formulate a powerful business plan and improve team execution.


    Make well aware and capable decisions.

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Keep Your Data Under Control

Introduce your sales profits, budgets, subscription analysis, purchase, and make documented, present, and prognostic views of your numbers.

Keep Your Data Up-To-Date With Odoo Spreadsheet Module

As fresh data is built within your apps, the spreadsheet constantly updates itself excluding export or concern regarding any incorporation!

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Safe Bet With Your Information Using Odoo Spreadsheet Software

With the tentative formatting choice, you can smoothly discover critical problems and recognize patterns and trends. Simply!

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Odoo Spreadsheet Software : Killer Filtering Option

Include filters depending on Date, Text or Relations, and always have current and personalized data, as diverse data can be rapidly shown on the modification of criteria. Powerful, correct?!

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Odoo Spreadsheet App : Bring Data to Life

Visual representations assist us to determine data simpler and faster. They make large capacities of data, and sometimes complex ones, appropriately delineated and with authority and transparency. And, Everything is possible with Odoo Spreadsheet, with live and incorporated data!

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Odoo Spreadsheet App : Fully integrated

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Your employees

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Decision-making procedure

Odoo Spreadsheet App

your company

Features Of Odoo Spreadsheet App

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Preview of most file formats Online such as: PDF, images, videos.

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Consider ping people, establish next activities, documents, to follow actions to do on a document.

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Load daily files, or built documents as links (e.g. Google Doc files)

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Owners & Contacts

Allocate documents to customers/vendors, users, or Odoo documents (task, product, invoices)

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Hierarchical folders permits to determine workspace having their own category of tags and actions

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Establish various tags to framework documents per folder

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Documents connected to resources (invoices, tasks) are incorporated in the document management system

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Easy filters

Determine your own filters, and save the most utilized ones into preferred filters you can send with other users

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Split PDFs

Split many-pages PDFs into diverse documents; very helpful when you scan documents in consignments.

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Work in Batch

Preview, launch or tag actions on a group of documents formerly, to work in consignment.

Odoo Spreadsheet App

Capability to record or eliminate documents. As a safeguard, you have to register a document before erasing it.

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Access Rights

Access rights are simply personalized per folder.

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Share Folders

Share folders to provide an access to exterior users (with or excluding logins) and permits them to load fresh documents

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Share Documents

Share a record of documents with clients / vendors to cooperate simply. On shared documents, establish a validity date .

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Email Gateway

Permit people to build documents by sharing an email. Determine rules to establish tags and folders in accordance with the email automatically.

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Customized Actions

Determine automated actions for each folders, contacts and/or activities: build documents, bills process, signature, set up files, and so forth.

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Lock / Unlock

Capability to lock a file to alert other users that a particular document is being changed.

Odoo Spreadsheet App
Document Requests

Capability to build "misplaced documents" and arrange them such as documents, to recall people to load these documents.

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Yes, you can establish tags to structure documents.

Yes, you can personalise rights per folder