Odoo Project Management Module

An open-source ERP software structure is Odoo that is extensively utilized by worldwide enterprises. It is an extensive suite of several models and enterprise applications containing warehouse management, accounting, customer relationship management, human resource management, sales, and project management. It automates the procedure of administering products, raw materials, and supply lines. It guarantees real-time tracking and planning of projects.

Odoo project management module offers essential functionalities associated with handling several projects. Nevertheless, additional customizations and developments can be made to fulfil different business needs. Kalibroida offers Odoo customization services that allow businesses to obtain utmost benefits of utilizing a custom application. Kalibroida ERP development team has years of experience in personalizing and executing Odoo solutions to automate and simplify business procedures.

Modern Interface :Odoo Project Management

odoo project management module

Clean and effective summary of your projects.

odoo project management module

Maintain a trail of deadlines with the help of a clear calendar view.

odoo project management module

Assign the required time to particular tasks within a scheduled shift.

odoo project management module

Create reports and perform analyses.

Resource Forecasting in Odoo Project Management

Performance of projects & availability of employees

Plan your teams throughout projects fetching employees' holidays into account. You can plan forward for forthcoming projects with forecasts depending on corresponding projects and evaluate deadlines more precisely. It even helps you compare forecasts with actual timesheets for enhanced lucrativeness.

Harness the Power of Visual Information with Odoo Project Management Module

Project management software that is Flexible and makes the work easy.

It streamlines your procedures and improves collaboration of employees. You can disintegrate your project into small sized tasks and allocate them to the respective team for enhanced collaboration. The company can even produce customized stages for every project to streamline your overview of workflow and enhance comprehensive project productivity.

odoo project management module

Odoo Project Management System : Discuss tasks Share documents

Include prompt notes or attach files to each task and remain associated with your team. You can easily forget infinite follow-up meetings to maintain track of projects because with this module everything will be reminded to you automatically. Interact with the chatter, utilize live chat, write in a shared real-time pad, you can fortunately do all in a single interface!

odoo 14 project management

Odoo Project Module : project scope within an easy-to-read overview

A operative and active graph view for all task

Establish graph views to examine your data using a strong search filter, tool, and grouping functions, and a type of special visual interfaces to assist you trail and hold your projects from every level.

odoo project management module

Features Of Odoo Project Management Module

odoo project management module
Modern User Interface

A rapid user interface intended for advanced project management. It offers every necessary details needed for the project.

odoo project management module
Filters and Groups

To search easily for tasks and issues it offers smart filters. Companies can examine data with multistage grouping.

odoo project management module
Customized Kanban View

Tasks can be drag and drop easily by companies with the kanban view. They can modify the significance of tasks/issues and produce particular stages per project. Companies can determine the procedure using custom tools- tips for every stage and also from the sales order can build tasks.

odoo project management module

At the same time companies can operate on single and multiple projects. They can also execute multi-project searches and examinations.

odoo project management module

Odoo project management module offers graph charts to examine the development of particular tasks.

odoo project management module
Pivot Table Analysis

Companies can utilize a pivot table on duties to execute deep statistical inspection on the performance of specific projects.

odoo project management module
Automate Actions

Companies can utilize triggers to transmit automatic emails on diverse statuses containing surveys for customer satisfaction and verification of tickets.

odoo project management module
Real-time Collaboration

Odoo project management permits companies to utilize the etherpad incorporation to unite on tasks with various users in real-time.

odoo project management module
Activity Log

The activity log connected to all tasks provides companies a comprehensive history of every activity on the document.

odoo project management module

Company allies can forecast resources and projects smoothly from the Gantt chart fetching employee leaves into account. With real-time sheets partners can then match forecasts.

odoo project management module
Customer Satisfaction

Enterprise allies can utilize the rating of customer satisfaction surveys to obtain feedback from customers each time they shut a problem. Subsequently finishing every landmark, an automatic email is transmitted to the customers and straightly receives feedback

odoo project management module
Post-sale Services

Companies can smoothly handle requests of after-sales service and configure a tailored procedure in the kanban view.

odoo project management module
Project Overview

Companies can acquire the most significant details on their project at first sight: time forecasted, time spent and billable hours.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

The highly experienced team of Kalibroida is expert when it comes to offering Odoo services. We make sure that every company that is approaching us, firstly gets the complete knowledge of Odoo service that they wish to implement and then starts with the execution process. We as a team help our every customer in knowing what exactly they are adding in the process of the business and how beneficial it will be. This way companies who are new to Odoo modules and software get a complete picture and then we successfully implement the required Odoo software into their business.


Yes, it allows businesses to personalize the procedure of each project, computerize emails, rename stages and alerts in accordance with particular business actions.

Ofcourse, businesses can administer work on a timeline with the help of Gantt chart view. It is the simplest method to trace deadlines and timeline development.

Yes, it permits businesses to interact with current and prospective customers through email. They can obtain complete visibility as every detail is connected to the issue.

Companies can utilize predefined dashboards or create their own utilizing the sophisticated reporting engine.