Odoo Saas

It is a distribution model for software in which a 3rd-party provider servers applications and offers access to operators with the help of the internet. It has a structure for building membership-relying applications comprising account upgrades, layered pricing levels, and multi-tenant details security in a sole database.

Odoo SaaS Kit : Features

Odoo Instance

  • A special Odoo SaaS instance is established separately for every customer
  • The user can whether build manually the instance or utilize the scheduler to build instances of every orders
  • The Odoo instance offered to customers includes every modules highlighted in their plan of purchase and installed in the instance
  • The login information is transmitted automatically to the registered email ID of the customer.

Odoo As a Service

  • The Odoo SaaS module help users to offer Odoo as SaaS to their clientele in the shape of instances
  • It offers a framework for the subscription-relying service model to the users
  • Odoo can be sell by the user with Odoo instances as well as its modules as a subscription-relying service to their customers

Customer Website Account View

  • Customers can go through the subscription contract information in their website account
  • The account information even showcase the modules incorporated in the subscription plan
  • Customers can go through the status of their plan and directly login to their Odoo SaaS instance from the account in the website.

Subscription Plans

  • Diverse subscription plans with highlighted modules can be established and published for customers on the website
  • Customers require to buy the plan to begin the subscription
  • Users can even incorporate a trial period inside the plan.

Odoo Saas Tool kit: Server Specifications

SaaS servers generate, revise, delete databases. All SaaS Server are many times put in on a individual machine (e.g. VPS)

Server Specification:

  • For a site that has 5 user site = 2 CPU server and 2 GB Ram
  • For a site that has 20 user = 4 CPU server and 8 GB Ram
  • For a site that has 100+ user = suggest dividing app and database servers, 2 x 8 CPU servers with 32 GB Ram

Minimum Server Specification:

  • Memory = 8 Gigabyte
  • Number of Processors = 1
  • Processor = Intel (64 bit)
  • Processor Core accessible = 6
  • OS = Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Recommended Server:

  • HDD = Up to client
  • Number of Processors = 2
  • OS = Ubuntu 14.04
  • Processor core available = 8
  • Processor = Intel (64 bit)
  • Memory = 16 Gigabyte .

Odoo Saas : Advantages

  • Enhanced Data Accessibility
    One of the primary advantages of Odoo SaaS application development is such that you obtain simple access to business data with least hardware restrictions. All you require is a consistent device and a steady internet connection to proceed successfully. Odoo-based SaaS applications are smoothly accessible over an extensive variety of devices comprising smartphones, tablets and laptops/desktops. Moreover, you can access this information at any time and everywhere using secure user authentication protocols .
  • Improve Resilience and Adaptivity
    Cloud-based ERP applications are additional flexible and simple to range as matched to traditional local systems. To range up or down your application, you merely require to modify the existing subscription plan or service kind. Odoo offers a similar subscription-relying model that is extremely extensible and permits you to improve the software architecture to satisfy the dynamically modifying user needs.
  • Improved Security and Data Protection
    Odoo SaaS application development offers several layers of security and privacy using top-tier user authentication and verification mechanisms. Furthermore, the business data is properly secured using end-to-end encryption opposing every sort of prospective cyber threats. Mostly, the cloud hosts utilize several firewalls to maintain malicious bodies at bay and provide maximum protection to utilize data.
  • Economical Solution
    SaaS-based ERP applications by no means need any straight costs. Conversely, it provides flexible payment choices with pay-as-you-go valuation. It means you just pay for the cloud services you use instead of paying for the complete product. Most cloud vendors impose subscription charges whether monthly or yearly. Furthermore, because Odoo SaaS application development doesn’t need difficult hardware setup and configuration, it substantially diminishes the comprehensive operating cost.

Perfect Needs of Odoo SaaS as a Service Execution

At Kalibroida, we have an identifiable track record of accomplishing difficult business needs. Suggestion by our key development team is that the subsequent structure and tools that could be taken into regard for Odoo SaaS implementation.

Kalibroida is the best odoo saas development services provider company
  • Technology Stack:
    * Odoo (V11): Odoo is a complete management software that offers a variety of business applications focusing on companies of every size.
    * PostgreSQL (V9.x): It is utilized as the main database or consistent database. At Kalibroida, we utilize PostgreSQL as it assists every trait of SQL databases such as constraints, ACID behavior, indexes, triggers, stored processes and characteristics of NoSQL databases.
    * Nginx: It is a web server which can be utilized as a mail proxy, load balancer, reverse proxy, and HTTP cache
    * Django: It is a top-level Python open-source web structure that allows rapid growth of pragmatic design in the environment of Odoo.
  • Development Tools:
    * Jira: It is utilized for project management by the development team. Developers can smoothly hold and trace the development of the project as regards deliverables.
    * pyCharm: It is an IDE utilized in programming particularly for python language and Odoo module personalization.
    * GitHub: Developers can utilize it for code versioning and follow the modifications during progress

Odoo SaaS Application Development at Kalibroida

    Cloud computing is alluring the market by rage. And Odoo Saas makes it feasible for you to have Odoo at your disposal excluding concern regarding physical setup. It leads to adaptivity, lowest maintenance and continuous access to Odoo from anyplace. It is our significant target because it provides an ideal solution to each business particularly for small to medium sized enterprises while being cost-effective. Beside utilizing Odoo SaaS we also offer opportunities to the customers who are searching to establish an Odoo SaaS server at their end.

  • We establish the modules which are harmonious with Odoo SaaS
  • We focus on the development of technology by carrying companies to the Cloud Platform with Odoo.
  • We introduced in the growth of modules that change with Odoo SaaS Kit your Odoo server into a SaaS service provider .
  • Allowing businesses to understand Odoo SaaS servers at their tips.
  • Inventing, execution and Establishing the Odoo As SaaS Service Server for customers.
Kalibroida is a leading odoo saas module development company

Why Choose Kalibroida For Odoo SaaS Application Development?

  • Advanced Odoo SaaS Solutions
    Our Odoo developers offer advanced Odoo solutions for your systems that satisfy your business needs.
  • Proficient & Talented Team
    Our skilled team comprises technical and quality growth assets that are extremely educated regarding achieving OpenERP solutions that will handle your business.
  • Odoo Expert Consultation
    Our developers examine & comprehend all difficult information regarding the Odoo platform & customize it accordingly.
  • Positive ROI
    We take ROI as an important proposition in our occupation. We grow an extensive system that is economical and carries the greatest ROI for the company.
  • FAQS

    There are numerous SaaS applications for fundamental enterprise technologies including:
    * Sales Management
    * Billing and Collaboration
    * Point of Sale (POS)
    * Human Resource Management (HRM)
    * Customer Relationship Management (CRM
    * Financial Management

    1. Odoo with the newest version.
    2. Set up tools for SaaS modules with the version of odoo utilized.
    3. Domain without or with an SSL certificate.
    4. Saas access modules through the version of odoo utilized.

    Odoo can be executed locally as well as with a SaaS model. Relying on how modern businesses desire their ERP to be, it can take approximately 50 to 250 development hours.