Odoo Manufacturing Module

Odoo Manufacturing Module comprises different characteristics and procedures that can be beneficial to comprehend how to utilize odoo manufacturing Module for diverse business. If not correctly planned manufacturing ERP execution can be difficult with remarkable experience Odoo Vendor who know a superfluity of Odoo MRP App. Odoo ERP MRP module is the finest appropriate solution for small and medium-sized Manufacturing companies. The cause is easy: As you have the alternative of both open-source which is economical as well as Enterprise edition that provides you numerous characteristics that a Manufacturing business would need.

Manufacturing procedure begins from raw materials which are worked into a diverse bill of materials and then manufactured as a completely finished product. A single product can comprise different Bill of Materials that needs capable handling. Your manufacturing process needs powerful management that can be administered by Odoo ERP software. Odoo Manufacturing ERP software provides you to manage complex Planning of your MO, Production flows, Tracing of Work orders, BOM, and so on.. With the Odoo Manufacturing module you can establish MO smoothly and control them in diverse production stages.

Manufacturing Reinvented: All You Need In A Single Software

No longer time clocking

Precise planning straightaway depending on real manufacturing times estimates.


Quality, Maintenance, MRP, and PLM completely incorporated.

Real Time Interaction

Exhibit worksheets, throughout the operations give quality alerts to workers

Automation of Shop Floor

Take data in real-time from your tools utilizing the API.

Odoo Manufacturing Software: Unique and Powerful Suite of Software to Run Your Entire Business


  • PLM
  • Bill of Materials
  • Versioning


  • Control Points
  • Checks (SPC)
  • Alerts


  • Planning
  • Control Panel
  • Work orders

Supply Chain

  • MPS
  • Routes
  • Procurement Rules

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Routings
  • Worksheets


  • Equipment Management
  • Maintenance Requests

Odoo Inventory Optimization Techniques for Better Inventory Management

With the help of accurate completion propositions utilize the master production schedule, make-to-order rules, lowest stock rules to automate procurements. Allow the scheduler to calculate the entirety for you. Utilize routes, restrictions and lead time to improve inventory level and evade shortages.

odoo manufacturing app
odoo manufacturing module

Great Reporting & KPIs

Get every data you require at your fingertips.

With real-time, you can manage your productivity Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) reports and watch the 6 big decreases of TPM. Follow maintenance KPIs such as MTTR and MTBF. Establish personalized dashboards to watch performance in real time.

Vigorous reports on everything from traceability, OEE, performance analysis, to costing and more support you make intelligent decisions regarding your company.

Features Of Odoo Manufacturing Module

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Manufacturing Orders

Handle your products into assemblage lines or assembly manually.

odoo manufacturing
Work Orders

Initiate production of items required in the ultimate assembly of your products.

odoo manufacturing

Utilize barcodes to accelerate your manufacturing operations: serial number scanning, lot, begin/halt/stop stopwatch, provoke your request of maintenance, shift to the next step, etc.

odoo manufacturing
Editable MOS

You are nowadays competent to use up other products notwithstanding what was originally planned and revise MOs formerly they are done.

odoo manufacturing
Repair Orders

Handle repairs of items beneath as a service or warranty.

odoo manufacturing
Unbilled Orders

Dismantle a finished product and improve components.

odoo manufacturing
Plan Manufacturing

Obtain a transparent view on your complete planning and smoothly reschedule manufacturing.

odoo manufacturing
Organize Work Orders

To every available resource you can have access and plans forward with your production.

odoo manufacturing
Manage Bill of Materials

Maintain a trail of accessibility of items available and time of production.

odoo manufacturing
Workcenter Capacity

Utilize the MRP Scheduler to plan your work at every workcenter, depending on their OEE and capacity.

odoo manufacturing
Establish multi-level Bills of Materials

Determine a Bill of Materials through another in order to manufacture elements of a product in different Bill of Materials.

odoo manufacturing
Optional Routing

For work orders, establish new routings in order to series your production depending on the routing utilized.

odoo manufacturing
Version Changes

Enable your products to develop and include configurable choices when generating orders.

odoo manufacturing

Your salesperson utilizing the Kit feature, will be capable to sell products that will be delivered as a group of elements to gather.

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Yes, you can store plans and worksheets immediately on bill of materials and routings.

Deployment of your statistical procedure is managed smoothly with checks.

Obtain entire maintenance statistics calculated for you: MTBF.

Obtain a complete upstream traceability report on the elements utilized throughout the manufacturing procedure