Odoo Discuss App

Odoo 'Discuss', as the name demonstrates it is a module which promotes efficient transmission within different users of the Odoo ERP. It streamlines the communication between colleagues, clients or any person in the establishment. The dialogue has the aptitude to supervise Group and private chat for superior, methodical communication. This application is merged with all other modules in odoo, which means the user can launch chats from any module. When we inaugurate a new module, the discuss module will be installed automatically along with it.

Improve Your Team Communication With Odoo Discuss App

You can easily group chat or private chat with colleagues and this feature is integrated with all modules.

Odoo Discuss App

Making Small Talk in the Workplace with Colleagues Using Odoo Discuss App

A mighty communication tool.

Drive conversations between all tiers of your enterprise. Get an overview of the subjects being discussed and all the new correspondence in the module’s news feed.

Odoo Discuss App

Chat Live From Anywhere Using Odoo Discuss App

Keep conversations clear in diverse modules

Turn your dialogue into a pop-up window to persist chatting within other Odoo modules.

Improve Communication with your Team : Create channels & private groups

Launch a dialogue with public channels and authorize any employee to join the conversation. Establish confidential channels to invite only a chosen group of folks.

Odoo Discuss App

Send NotificationsTo Your Colleagues Using Odoo Discuss App

Personify the fashion notifications are sent to minimize mailbox pollution while making sure significant messages get across. Determine who gets what message and when.

Odoo Discuss App

Keep Track Of All Communication Actions Within One Window

Appoint how you want notifications to be managed, add followers to assignments, plan activities, deliver messages and notifications, and chat, all from one individual screen. See what colleagues are up to and how promptly they can address messages by verifying their status and stay associated with them and colleagues across applications.

Odoo Discuss App

Features Of Odoo Discuss App

Odoo Discuss App
News Feed

Gain instant access to the most recently discussed themes in your corporation and keep trace of the conversations you pursue.

Odoo Discuss App
Start Discussions

Build direct discussions with different employees, and establish private conversation groups.

Odoo Discuss App
Subscribe To Channels

Construct open groups called Channels to trace discussions on precise topics. Initiate getting involved in ventures by subscribing to present-day channels or generating new ones.

Odoo Discuss App
Star Favorites

Star messages with significant content to effortlessly locate them back in the Starred list.

Odoo Discuss App
Private Groups

Set up secret groups and invite the users.

Odoo Discuss App

Figure out what colleagues are up to by monitoring if they are online, offline, away or out of the office.

Odoo Discuss App
Manage Participants

Invite participants in private groups and confine access to channels to a selected group of employees.

Odoo Discuss App
Chat Window

Turn a conversation into a chat session to keep chatting while shifting modules.

Odoo Discuss App
Mailing List

Choose to deliver messages by email enabling a channel to operate as a mailing list.

Odoo Discuss App

Refer Odoo users (@odoo_username) within conversations, and even channels (#channel_name).

Odoo Discuss App

Revive your conversations with emoji.

Odoo Discuss App
Modules Chatter

Comprise internal notes, add followers, messages and channels straight from any of the apps and keep a track of them in the Discuss module.

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Yes you can “star” the message and then easily track it.

Restore your communication with emoji.