Odoo Migration

In Odoo, Migration is the phraseology utilized for the update of the platform. As Odoo is management software Odoo releases latest updates and editions repeatedly the users require to upgrade their current versions to the latest ones obtainable. Moreover, this migration will carry in the latest characteristics and the developments of the Odoo platform with the current company operations in a business. While the migration takes place, there are two facets to be kept in mind, firstly, the data accessible, the users require their current reports, customer and vendor data, documents of payments and financial information to be available from the latest platform. Secondly, the application and particular add-on which runs the business should be available for the users in the latest version with the current capability and add recent features.

Why Odoo Migration


Odoo’s Native Chat Feature

The core of native Odoo ERP rolls around a client-oriented approach. It hardly makes sense in case you have to depend on any third-party chat characteristic. Hence, when you shift to Odoo, your database is incorporated into a native chat section, something that has a majority of client representatives and clients guide away from Slack.


Planning Activity from the Tree View

With the newest Odoo 14, now users can trace all the movement that occurs using numerous levels and can also arrange and rearrange the incidents in a stack. The information can be determined according to the tree view, permitting you to access the series of events excluding much impediment.

Odoo Module Migration

Improved Web-building Components

In a competitive atmosphere, where there demands to be a website to label their existence, Odoo has overhauled their website builder utility to add some intriguing modules for users. Nowadays you get a few extra website templates with the latest Odoo 14, enabling you to construct your website from the beginning with the use of the drag-and-drop mode.

Odoo ERP Migration

Better Security with 2FA, and Re-captcha

For every company there is, security is an important concern, particularly for management that handles customer services. In case you are as well anxious regarding the uprising risks about security, relax! Odoo 14 has protected you with its 2 crucial features of security, now enabling two-factor verification that is coupled with recaptcha accessibility.
Migrate to the new version of Odoo migration ERP for a more smooth approach to your company’s operations.

Odoo 12 to 13 Migration

Improved UI to Track Activity

With the latest UI with Odoo 14 migration, permitting you to access latest and enhanced elements to enable users to navigate using diverse options in the POS (Point Of Sale) page. The potential is infinite in the PoS section of the newest Odoo 14 migration, now you can smoothly configure every product, depending on categories and subcategories.

Migrate Odoo 13 to 14

Data Cleaning for Elimination of Unnecessary Data

You are at a greater danger of data repetition if you have been utilizing a unique ERP solution to handle your clients, NO, we are not kidding! When you utilize the same ERP solution, the information gathered over numerous transactions becomes an issue for recording in the near future. Nevertheless things are diverse with the most recent version of Odoo 14, as it permits you to clean your details over an easy step with its data cleaning module usefulness.

What is the need of Odoo Migration

  • Scalability With Odoo Migration you obtain the understanding of how much server capability or a number of users requires to be expanded in the future depending on which you can extend the ERP system ahead. This also makes sure strong business continuity Business Persistence

  • Speed up With the Newest version of Odoo you accelerate your Odoo software as the line of code matched to the older version or Odoo has been decreased dramatically. Which boosts the speed of your newest Odoo ERP migration software.
  • Easy accessibility of Technical Resources If we collate Odoo version 8 to the newest version the amount of community members is growing day by day. Today the number has increased fourfold. Migrating to the newest version benefits you to get simple accessibility of resources.

Features of Odoo Migration

Enhanced user experience

Odoo is a wonderful competition to big names such as Dynamics, SAP and Oracle. Odoo 14 has included more shortcut keys to manage the system quicker, enhancing the speed of the system and more on-click features to assist you save time. There are additional widgets in the list view that permits you to send messages straight to your associates in a single click.

Automated CRM

CRM is a strong tool that offers your company with superior insight and emphasis more on clients and not inside data intake. The insight benefits you to forecast sales or find details regarding the clients smoothly. In the dearth of a CRM, the salespeople can arbitrarily fill the customer’s details, making it hard for other team members to track or acquire entire sales details.
You can search and add for customer’s data precisely and rapidly as Odoo 14 CRM is automated.

Outlook plugins

This feature automatizes the interaction logging and permits you to communicate automatically with the clients in the CRM. It even assists sales managers trace the communication of their deputies.

To-do activities list

Migrate odoo 13 to 14, as it assists salespeople concentrate on selling rather than data entry. The to-do activities feature permits the salespeople to rapidly check the to-do list, the following activity, and its preference with its influence every day. This feature comes with an enhanced follow-up section that benefits salespeople sending an email or SMS to the prospective client straight from the CRM.

Odoo Migration Process Provides By Kalibroida

Odoo Migrate Database
Odoo Data Migration
Odoo Applications Migration

The add-on applications for the latest version of Odoo would need several modifications in the coding to make them more appropriate. Because Odoo is constructed on the Python coding platform, the modifications on the add-ons require advanced code development. This is the point where you would require professional experts, just like us, to make your migration method smooth.

Odoo Database Migration
Data Migration to Odoo

We comprehend you might formerly have data with your current ERP setup. In case not, we can assist you migrate your current to Odoo without extreme care so that no one is extinct in the procedure. Nevertheless, you should know that the current data requirements are configurable to the latest platform and applications. We can manage everything on your behalf.

Odoo Migration
Testing the Migration

There is still several work to do prior to the migration and additional upgrades. We go using a sophisticated queue of testing for the migration following a severe situation. This is made to divulge the trustworthiness and strength under difficult circumstances.

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Easy and Quick Odoo Upgradation and Migration

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The migration time totally depends upon the database and desired amount of modules that you want to migrate. Depending on the task and data amount that needs to be transmitted, the procedure can take approximately a couple of weeks or an average 3 days.

Yes, you can migrate from the older version of Odoo to the new version. We provide excellent Odoo migration services and have done odoo 12 to 13 migration, and more. Version migration normally includes two primary phases, one id database migration and one more is module migration.

The cost depends on a variety of factors, varying from the database to the codes and modules that are required to implement migration.

Yes, we can assist you migrate from equally Odoo Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).