The Best Odoo TimeSheet Apps

The platform of Odoo permits the users to establish forums on topics of debate and queries in the module of eLearning of the platform. Relevant to the courses available the users can post discussion topics and can lead a discussion with the students on Odoo Timesheet can be used to supervise the budgetary by project and manager plan. Additionally holding a timesheet up to date is a significant key to the visibleness of a project in actual time. Nevertheless, recording and confirming timesheets can be pointlessly a tedious procedure.This odoo timesheet apps you to maintain a track of the work you did to avoid wasting.

With the Odoo timesheet app, you can confirm the timesheet of the employees in a glimpse and it should offer the employees the opportunity to include a description of what they did on every task or project. Which permits the business to be recognized for the work they did. This will even offer everyone an improved thought of what has been executed and impede the communication problems which automatically conserves the time of the company. Utilizing a timesheet is so easy and so effortless. And it is certainly a great tool particularly if you are working with a project's app the questions subscribing to the course. The questions can even be presented by the students in which every other one can post answers and recommendations comprising the tutor. The platform permits the users to create the karma points of every student participating in the Q&A or the discussions.

Odoo Timesheet Mobile App Supports Your Own Work Flow

odoo timesheet app
Be Proactive

Utilize the Day Planner all you professionals who like to schedule their actions at the start of the day so that you can allocate your time beforehand to the day's tasks.

odoo timesheet app
Every Moment Counts

Start the timer from your desktop in a single click, this is especially for professionals who require to track their work in description. Just select your duty and switch it on.

odoo timesheet app
Concentrate on What Matters

At the end of your day just concentrate on your work and record your actions. This is for professionals who bill per hour or day.

Project Performance & Employees' Availability

Across projects schedule your teams taking employees' holidays into consideration. Preplan for forthcoming projects with forecasts depending on similar projects and evaluate deadlines more precisely. Match forecasts with actual timesheets for enhanced lucrativeness.

Keep Your Projects Under Control and Manage Employee Time From the Odoo Backend.

  • Monitor Your Team's Progress

    Picture the progress of the team on every project or task. Monitoring expected hours, powerful hours and reforecasts on duties has never been too simple.

  • Maintain Your Projects Profitable

    Acquire a summary of your billable time. Monitor every resource that is allocated to your project and view your revenue and losses.

  • Invoice Timesheets to Clients

    Create one-time or recurring invoices automatically depending on entries of expenses and timesheet.

odoo timesheet app

Features of Odoo Timesheet Apps

odoo timesheet app
Fast and Easy Input

Select to log your operations at the start of the day, hurriedly or afterwards your work is completed.

odoo timesheet app
Launch Tasks in One Click

You are all the time one click away from your time-tracking app wour Chrome extension. You need to click on “Start” to start your tasks.

odoo timesheet app
Change Sales Order

Simply modify Sales Orders items to which timesheets are connected. The hours left are displayed in the name of the task at the time of encoding timesheets.

odoo timesheet app

Utilize the timer to monitor the precise time invested on tasks from the grid view except the task's form.

odoo timesheet app
Create and Assign Projects

Arrange your employees amount of work by allocating them duties and projects.

odoo timesheet app
Grant Access Rights

In a few clicks managers can permit or limit backend access to their employees.

odoo timesheet app
Approve Timesheets

Obtain a summary of your employees timesheet and authorize them.

odoo timesheet app
Send Reminders

Trigger a periodic email reminder forge user of timesheet to build a timesheet or to authorize it for managers.

odoo timesheet app
Overview Employee's Activities

Track the performances of the employees by task or by project.

odoo timesheet app

Limit the timesheets visibility to other employees.

odoo timesheet app
Timesheet Analysis

Obtain statistics regarding billable hours, uninvoiced amounts, billable amounts, etc.

odoo timesheet app
Leave Management

Automatically the leaves can be incorporated through a timesheet to improve control of the time spent.

odoo timesheet app
Timesheet Profit

Smoothly review the performance of the employees by calculating the profitability of their projects

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Yes,your timesheets and your forecasts can be recorded very quickly with the grid view. As a manager, immediately you can view who’s working on what.

Yes, your tasks will stay running regardless where you are, even if the internet connectivity is not available.

Once you’re back online, to your account the hours tracked offline are synced .

Yes, you can apply filters to create the confirmation and invoice processes simpler and faster.