Integrate your Amazon sales with Odoo

Odoo Amazon connector, even popularly known as Odoo amazon bridge or Odoo Amazon extension has been created by Kalibroida team particularly for eCommerce traders who wish to handle their amazon store in an Odoo ERP software. Odoo Amazon Connector provides you synchronization of information among Amazon Store and Odoo.

It is a significant connector which is substantially utilized by eCommerce merchants who primarily do online business through web stores. It works the identical manner as eBay connector where you can administer your Amazon Listing of Products, Orders of Amazon, Importing of orders position and significantly more. To guarantee a swift incorporation of your complete Amazon store Kalibroida have cultivated and personalized the Amazon connector with Odoo.

Kalibroida has effectively incorporated Odoo with Amazon Webstores. Odoo Amazon connector of Kalibroida can be personalized according to the business needs as it has the ability to administer a variety of Amazon stores. This Connector can be utilized for various countries where amazon is accessible like,,, etc

Features of Odoo Amazon Connector App

  • Configure Numerous Amazon Instance
  • Vendor configuration with Accounting
  • Obtain Seller details supported on the instance
  • Import Inventory from Amazon to Odoo
  • Import Products from Amazon to Odoo
  • Import Amazon Category/Nodes
  • Import Order to Odoo from Amazon
  • Import Images to Odoo from Amazon
  • Upgrade inventory to Amazon from Odoo
  • Upgrade Price description to Amazon from Odoo
  • Upgrade Images to Amazon from Odoo
  • Upgrade Order status from Odoo to Amazon
  • From Odoo to Amazon Export tracking number
  • From Odoo Cancel Orders in Amazon
  • Establish new listings utilizing current ASIN to Amazon from Odoo
  • From Amazon generate your own workflow and import orders consequently
  • Administer your accounts of Amazon
  • Amazon logs
  • Computerize your import, upgrade and export
Integrate your Amazon sales with Odoo

Manage Your Sales, Deliveries, and Stock

Set Up Taxes On Products

The taxes you’ve determined on the product or in the financial place will be implemented to the associated sales order item.

Administer Your Deliveries

If utilizing an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) delivery method, in Odoo triggers a stock move, every sales order synchronized, consequently your Inventory will be maintained up-to-date. With the FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) method, you can send delivery notifications to Amazon for every verified delivery of a sales order. You can whether ship evey ordered product to your customers immediately or ship products in part utilizing backorders.

Invoices And Payments

Issue invoices depending on special orders or in batches, and list payments in Odoo.

Sales Reporting

Utilize the Sales reporting tools to smoothly envisage reports of your Amazon figures.

How Kalibroida Will Help You

Amazon Integration

Kalibroida offers confirmed Amazon integration services that settle data shortcomings and are in synchronization with retail systems of sellers for offering the supreme quality of information to Amazon.

Upgrade Current Feed

We operate with current Amazon sellers for updating existing feed categorization norms and software versions.

Highly Innovative Classification Tools

We offer user-friendly and extremely innovative classification tools for introducing new products and automatize monitoring; for building ongoing modifications to product groups and for administering data feeds.

Gain Control

We offer you with the most competent tools to assist you obtain control over each individual feature of your product catalog and re-pricing campaigns to improve lucrativeness.


Yes, you can directly refund any order with the help of Odoo.

With ease you can add products to Amazon from Odoo and can even update,images price and description.

Feed that has been submitted to Amazon at the time of export operation can easily be tracked by Odoo in order to identify problems.