Odoo Live Chat Application : Engage Customers in Real-Time

Odoo Live Chat application has been planned in a manner to assist the users to employ straight communication with the customers who are visiting the portal. Here, we can obtain a dialogue box and this is the device that is utilized to interact with the clients. When any user enters the portal, the box will be opened. A small dialogue box will be opened on the screen when utilizing Odoo. This box is the chat box or communication box where the clientele can interact with the members of the sales team. The spotlight of this instrument is that it enhances the perspective of the business by offering a direction to the marketing team. The live chat is even anticipated to accelerate the process of sale as communication becomes instantaneous with this app. The significant advantage of Live chat is straight communication with the clients.

Transform Your Traffic Into Leads and Sales

  • In real time online chat with customers and website visitors.
  • No requirement for a unique chat server, all the things are done using your website.
  • Offer your visitors with data in a quick and easy manner. Now chatting directly with customers on your portal has never been simpler!
Odoo Live Chat App
Odoo Live Chat App

Talk Straight to Your Target Customers Using Odoo Live Chat App

    By country, filter your audience and offer enhanced customer service by engaging with your clientele and portal visitors utilizing the correct language and tone.

Chat From Within Any Module and Conversate With Your Customers From Anywhere Using Odoo Live Chat App

Hold conversation with your clientele in Odoo to permit multitasking when searching for significant data in the back end. Access every data at the similar time the chat window is open so you can offer precise and correct answers.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

Guarantee to maintain customers satisfaction

Collect customer feedback to enhance your service quality with an easy rating instrument for live chat sessions. After their questions have been answered, clients just have to rate the conversation.

Odoo Live Chat App
Odoo Live Chat App

Respond to Customers Faster With the Help of Odoo Live Chat App

Utilize pre-written answers to be quicker

On common questions, spend less time with the help of canned responses. Personalize answers and include as many shortcuts as you wish.

Features of Odoo Live Chat App

Customize Window Behavior

Determine how the Live Chat button emerges. Determine if you wish the chat to automatically open and soon after.

Build Custom Welcome Messages

Automatic welcome messages can be configured for every channel and customize the layout of the buttons.


Make the chat more personalized by adding a personalized human touch with fun smileys to your conversation.

Customize Per Country

Build multiple channels to fit various languages.

Conversation Rating

Obtain a clear plan of your service level at the end of a conversation with an easy assessment system.

Determine a Accountable Agent

To every channel add agents to smoothly divide customer queries among your employees.


Yes, you do, examine the answers and reactions from clients and employees to discover and enhance the way you answer.

Yes, just add multiple users to a conversation to create a group chat.

With live chat accessible from inside any module, in the back-end and front-end, to maintain track of each conversation.

Yes, with the help of color picker customize the chat window