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Now is the correct time for HR to evolve into the real agitator within the corporation, with the support of fresh cloud-based SAP HCM services that will introduce a digital transformation to assist everyone within evolve #MoreTogether. Contemporary Sap HCM will enable the HR to connect people with a strong reason to drive collaboration, At the same time allowing them to expand their knowledge and learn collectively as they do more to strength excellent organizational successes.

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SAP hr success factors and Kalibroida Success characteristics guide organizations to lead their numerous workforces to acquire information and innovate collectively, in a functional manner. We expedite your HR transformation journey with the aid of improving workforce productiveness, delivering superior employee experience and optimizing HR processes , so organizations can join extra, Do more and research extra. Our huge competence in Sap HCM process consulting, HCM programs and BPO services ahead with our technique of design Thinking-led consulting and inclusive cloud methods will assist you modernize your human organization and extend your team of workers

successfactor Employee Central and Recruitment module implementation for a global agricultural company x

With the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution, you can optimize HR service delivery while providing personalized experiences that improve everyday. Kalibroida influence a universal template to assist the client standardize HR techniques and abide by statutory necessities. Kalibroida developed and designed an option to support the flow of data throughout HR applications together with time, payroll, and talent development. Unified core Recruitment, HR and talent management offered the client higher visibility into universal job openings for expertise across the company

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Learning Management and Succession Planning solution for a large computer hardware and electronics company

• Kalibroida carried out a succession planning solution and learning management to curate,centralize, customize and combine the learning experience for the client’s personnel. Leveraging the Design Thinking Approach, desired company results had been identified.

• Kalibroida organize a scalable platform and single sign-on architecture landscape for smooth unification of non SuccessFactors and SuccessFactors programs.

• As well, Kalibroida also assist with Skype integration for LMS and use of Azure Cloud for content stockpile. Kalibroida offered clear reporting utilizing the BIRT solution permitting real time reporting and enhancing complete efficiency of the LMS application.

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SAP hr success factors- Kalibroida Support, rollout and extended user adoption for a leading global financial institution

• Kalibroida followed a collaborative and rapid implementation version for the main worldwide leading financial organization to adapt ,validate and adjust the solution earlier than launching it.

• Kalibroida created and enhanced fresh Plateau reports, ORD reviews and dashboards to mark metrics throughout numerous SuccessFactors expertise modules.

• The customers global compensation management function was computerized and streamlined along side multiple enhancements and training of user to enhance the support experience.


The Design Thinking-led HR transformation roadmap assist companies in:

SaaS readiness assessment
A inclusive maturity and readiness evaluation framework along with determined strategies to train companies for SaaS implementation.
Sap HCM diagnostics
A diagnostic device to assist organizations evaluation and prioritize their human capital investments.
Data optimization
Overview existing structure of data and model of facts to construct a robust core HR data layer, for a easy transformation journey of HR.

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Establishing Sap HCM process framework
Pre-configured human capital solutions enhanced with high-quality-in-class procedures, for converting the human capital life cycle from hire-to-retire.
Configuring, testing and deploying
Pre-configured industry definite modules, custom and standard integration, test automation tools and data migration tool kits for overall test life cycle management.
Support and maintenance
Support COE (Center of Excellence) for a devoted technical and functional support, to maintain quarterly upgrades.
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Business benefits include the below mentioned ones:

  • Across all business units the Single integrated human resources management systems is available.
  • Employees enable through improved information with the below mentioned objectives:
    • Better decisions
    • Better partnership
    • Better use of resources
    • Clearer purpose
    • Better place to work
  • For performance management and goal management Standardized talent management solution is created.
  • Streamlining and automating and global compensation management with business objectives
  • Quick approach to talent
  • Increase employee engagement and develop strategic succession processes
  • Simplification of IT architecture

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