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One of the star applications of Odoo is The Odoo Sales Management module. You can manage your complete Sales department in a sole screen with Sales Management in Odoo. Primarily, you can personalize it in accordance with your project needs. It even permits you to filter Sales Orders for various standards as a result of being interconnected with your emails. Invoices can be straightforwardly sent from the system which assists you track smoothly and you can keep the comprehensibility of your customer providing rest to the agitated paperwork.

With Odoo Sales APP Automate Operations and Concentrate on customer Relationships


From Quotations to Sales Orders

Transform quotations into sales orders with just a click, or allow ease of signature to the customer with a simple electronic signature.


Contract Management

Depending on time and materials, Invoice customers smoothly record contracts and follow up invoicing phases, sustain revival and upselling possibilities, and administer your subscriptions with recurring contracts of Odoo.


Let Your Customers Help Themselves

With the customer portal your customers get access to their quotations, delivery orders and sales orders. Save time and utilize Odoo Sign to smoothly get signatures on contracts, or any PDF document or NDAs.

Make Your Quotations Online With Odoo Sales Management

  • Apply Templates

    By applying your custom quotation templates, you will save plenty of time. Certainly, with the utilization of templates, you're gonna be able to send entire quotations at an accelerated pace.

  • Send Quotations

    After creating your customized template and applying it now it is the time to send the quotation with just a single click to the customer. The speed helps you a lot in closing the on or before time.

  • Close Deals

    Once you have sent the quotation now by communicating directly from quotations through email, automatically maintain entire records of your negotiations and close the deals.

  • Get Paid Faster

    After closing the deal now is the time to receive the payment on time. This is how odoo sales management helps in easing out the process and making you get paid faster.

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Features Of Odoo Sales App

Kalibroida is a leading Odoo sales module development Services provider Company
Easy Quotation

With the help of the App you can smoothly send quotations containing eSignature and online payments. Of any Sales management Quotation and proposal are one of the significant parts as it permits customers to create or break the deals. Odoo ERP sales management module assists you with refined Quotation management . This diminishes time in drafting proposals and other work that has been done manually.

Odoo sales

eSignature helps you to directly sign the quotation and proposal if any consent is required. eSignature is a superior module which is accessible in Odoo Enterprise Edition as of now. Your customers can smoothly examine and sign online quotations from everywhere.

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Fast Communication

You can improve your sales procedure by communicating promptly and successfully with your team members and customers with the Odoo Sales management module. You can interact from quotations through email, and build custom alerts too for diverse actions. Additional Odoo Sales management maintains a total track record of your negotiations and communication.

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Products and Services

With transparent and entire quotations of your products and services that your business is providing to the potential customer you display your product in a more professional manner. With Odoo Sales Management module you can include images, additional information description, by just drag and block building.

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Up selling & Cross Selling

Odoo Sales App assists you with knowledge of up-selling and cross selling products to your current and new customers. Like this you can enhance the volume of your sale by offering additional propositions or services.

Odoo Sales App Development Services
Quick Return on Investment & More revenue

Odoo Sales Management assists you to plan, execute and adapt your pricing tactics with diverse customers which can improve the income. With Price List rules you can establish ideal pricing depending on the customer environment.

Odoo Sales App Development
Order & Contract Sorting

Sales Management app permits you to automate your every operation and aim on customer relationship management with improved income. As a manager you obtain to know who is operating and meeting sales targets appropriately this guarantees sales follow & sales pipeline management.

Odoo Sales App Development Services provider company
Entire Management from Quotations to Sales Orders

Odoo sales management app is pretty easy to transform your quotations into sales order within a one click, or even sign off with easy E Signature

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Contract management

Sales Management module assists you to produce invoice depending on time and material reason this is an extremely significant feature when you are very much into the service industry or offering after sales services. The Sales app benefits you to record your every contract and follow up invoicing phases; you can even keep renewals and administer your subscription with recurring contracts.

Odoo Sales module development Services
Customer Portal

Odoo Sales Management App offers you a customer portal where customers can access their delivery orders, sales orders and quotations. This characteristic assists diminish the time of sales people and also of customers by persistent monitoring.

Great Returns Comes From Great Prices

  • Plan, execute, and adapt your pricing tactics to optimize income.
  • Utilize price list rules to calculate the correct price depending on customer conditions.
  • Persuade customers to purchase more with coupons and discounts


The outline of sales quotations modified to be better looking to recognize things. One can establish and close action from the synopsis itself. Moreover, with salespeople employees can chat by just clicking on the image of the salesperson.

When you produce a sale order, you can include sections and notes for the selected products. So it will be contemplated in the invoice additionally.

In the product form you can include the clients delivery lead time for every product and security time frame in the settings also.

Price List assists to establish diverse prices for a product, for a specific period, for partners, or depending on country, etc.